5 Simple Ways to Improve Your CX Strategy

According to Econsultancy’s 2018 Digital Trends Survey, marketers identified customer experience as the most exciting opportunity to differentiate their brand from the competition. CX or customer experience, is a valuable component of your business that encompasses everything from your marketing strategy to designing your core  products/services.

As with all things in the digital era, data is your best place to start understanding your customers. By creating goals and KPI’s for HR departments and marketing teams to follow, you can measure the impact of different CX  strategies.

With this in mind, I thought it would be keen to go over some valuable CX strategies you can use to improve your  business.

Create Audience  Personas

First things first, you need to understand your customers in order to delivery them a positive experience. This is where marketing tools, such as Facebook’s ‘Audience Insights’, keyword planners, and even your company CRM will come in  handy.

Generally, you’ll have a good understanding of opportunities in the market based on what your customers search for and what products and services can be improved upon. Take this one step further to segment your audience segments by demographics, buyer behaviour, and psychographics to tether personalized messaging that leads them to specific points of your sales   funnel.

By targeting users with the right content and delivering them relevant ads, you can offer them initial value that will need to be followed up with fulfillment. But equipped with this data, you can understand customer pain points and initiate interactions that attempts to solve  them.

Work to Improve Customer Interactions

This tip sounds obvious enough, but it really begins with a top-down company managerial approach. Your company culture and value proposition should focus exclusively on improving your end-user experience.

Host seminars and train sales staff to work on ways to improve customer interactions. Just teaching customer representatives to be more patient and empathic in customer interactions can go a long way. Offer incentives, such as commision bonuses that actively reward positive customer interactions that lead to  sales.

Consolidate  Data

From chatbots and CRMs to your marketing attribution model, the data you house in your organization can become quite siloed between different departments. Work to improve data sharing by consolidating data into a central repository across your  organization.

Of course there’s going to be some system integration questions and issues along the way, but your customer service representative will now be accessing the same data that your marketing department used to initiate a point of contact in your relationship. This can go a long way in helping staff understand individual customer pain points and host a more efficient  exchange.

Create Insightful  Content

This tip may sound outside the scope of CX optimization, but providing informative content can actually go a long way in improving your customer relations. Helpful tutorials, blog posts, and how-to’s can provide a valuable resource that addresses customer pain points and also gives your brand a bit of  authority.

Fulfillment is  Everything

Finally, all of these CX strategies are null if your business doesn’t fulfill its promises. Offering a defective product or poor performing service will reflect badly on your company in the comments and review sections of your listings. Address these issues and improve your products/services to deliver the best customer experience  possible.

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