5 Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

When the warmer, sunnier months approach, many of us take stock of our health and fitness habits in preparation for days on the beach. While exercising and eating right are essential for a whole host of reasons (including looking and feeling our best), we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of staying hydrated when the weather heats  up.

It’s no secret that we need to drink more water during summer. Warmer temperatures make us sweat more, and that all-important air-conditioning dries out our skin and hair. Nevertheless, staying hydrated is harder than it sounds, particularly when we drink coffee or alcohol, as these drinks only dehydrate us  further.

To help you fight the fatigue this summer and ensure you stay safe and healthy, here are five tips to help you drink more  H2O.

Carry a Reusable Water  Bottle

Carrying a water bottle around with you will remind you to take sips throughout the day and fill up when you’re running low. If you struggle to stay hydrated when you’re in the office, you could start a team incentive, such as a bonus or freebie for those who meet their goals? You can find custom water bottles, personalized water bottles, and wholesale plastic water bottles online, so you could even brand your drinks containers with your business logo. If you’re on the lookout for personalized plastic water bottles for sports, there are plenty of shapes and designs to choose from online. Choose one that you love to carry around, and you won’t find it so challenging to fit water into your  schedule.


Start Your Day With a Glass of  Water

It might be very tempting to head straight for the caffeine, but instead, try to drink a full glass of water before your daily morning coffee. Doing this will fire up your metabolism and help your body flush out toxins. Water even fuels your brain and prevents over-eating, so if you’re trying to lose weight while staying energized, this morning habit is not to be  skipped.

Track Your  Intake

There are a variety of easy ways to help you stay on top of your water intake and make sure you’re getting your two liters per day. You could start a hydration journal, use the notes function on your phone to keep a tally or download a diet and fitness app tracker. Whatever works for you, try to build the habit of drinking and noting down your consumption into your daily routine. Doing so will help you stay on top of your hydration habits and overcome any  obstacles.


Set a Water  Timer

If you forget to drink water when you get busy, you can set a timer on your phone to remind you. Try to spread your intake out throughout the day, starting with a glass in the morning, one with every meal, a couple in the afternoon and one before you go to bed. If you’ve been suffering the effects of dehydration, you’ll start to feel better in no  time.

Make It  Interesting

If you don’t like the taste, or you find water too plain, why not add some chopped fruit? Strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, and limes all add flavor water naturally, while herbal teas will also rehydrate you. Try to steer clear of caffeinated teas and sugary drinks, as these can lead to crashes in energy and make you feel  fatigued.

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