5 Weather Related Risks for Coal Miners & How to Prepare for Them

Weather conditions affect safety and production in the mining industry. Many weather patterns are unpredictable, but with real-time meteorological services, you have information to make decisions to protect your assets, save lives and minimize the downtime of your operation. Weather analytics allow your organization to optimize safety while reducing production  interruptions.

Protecting Assets and Human Resources With Weather  Data

Here are five weather related risks that can hamper your mining  operations:


  1. Lightning
    There are two types of lightning that can affect mining operations. Cloud-to-ground lightning can strike equipment or people and cause damage and injuries. The second type of lighting is called in-cloud. It is a great predictor of other forms of severe weather.
  2. Wind
    Strong winds pose a risk by carrying dust and debris from the mines and create environmental problems. Cranes and other equipment can be damaged during wind storms. Knowing upcoming weather conditions can help you schedule operations on days when the weather is better and safer.
  3. Fog
    Low visibility can make mining operations dangerous.
  4. Heavy rains
    Many of the deadliest tragedies in mining operations have occurred due to heavy rains. Roads can flood, making it impossible to get equipment in or out. Mines themselves can flood, shutting down operations for days. Heavy rains can cause landslides, damaging equipment or trapping miners underground.
  5. Humidity

When the air is humid, it can affect workers and equipment. Hot and humid days can make workers more sluggish and affect productivity. Knowing when conditions could be intolerable can help you make decisions that keep workers  safe.

Get Real-Time Weather  Information

With emergency weather alerts that are relevant to your operations and specific to your location, you can plan for the worst and be ready when you need to be. Contact us for more information about the power of weather data to your  operations.

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