6 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Summer BBQ

The summertime is the perfect time to enjoy great weather and delicious food. And no summer will be complete without enjoying at least one BBQ party along with family and friends. The following six tips are simple measures you can use to ensure your next BBQ is something that everyone in attendance will enjoy.

1. Keep an Eye on the Grill

Your grill is by far the most important attendee at your BBQ. If you have ever attended a BBQ at which the grill was not working properly, you do not have to be told the type of disaster that can ensue.

You should thoroughly clean your grill and make sure all parts are in working order before the day of your BBQ. This is also the time to ensure you possess all the propane or charcoal you will need for your big event.

2. Ask About Food Restrictions

Your responsibility as the host of the BBQ is to make the proper accommodations for all of your guests. One way you can fulfill this responsibility is to learn of any food restrictions that may affect the experience for guests attending your BBQ.

You will be able to plan in advance if you gather information pertaining to guests who are vegetarians, do not eat certain food due to their religious reasons, or are allergic to certain foods.

3. Create a Playlist

Music is a natural addition to good food and great company. And creating the perfect playlist for your BBQ will only add to the enjoyment for everyone involved. Your playlist should include songs that fit the relaxed but upbeat mood that is the norm at a BBQ. You can find all the music you need on popular internet sites. You can also set speakers outside to ensure the perfect mood is set for your BBQ.

4. Bring Games and Toys

You should think about the entertainment you can provide for your guests while they wait for you to prepare the food. The fun can also continue once the meal is complete and your guests continue to enjoy each other’s company. A few lawn games should provide loads of fun for most of your guests. You should also have a few toys on hand if young children will be a part of your barbecue.

5. Recruit Help

Hosting your barbecue will include a lot of work. You may find that you are unable to complete this work on your own. The good news is it will probably not be difficult to find a little help for yourself.

Organize a to-do list and ask some of your friends or family members to complete a task or two in support of your efforts. You can ask a couple of family members to help you to clean and another to pick up the propane you will need. You can ask someone else to create the playlist the guests at your barbecue will enjoy. Someone can put some sky lanterns for decorations and fun. The divide and conquer strategies is the best way to approach the heavy work involved with planning and hosting a barbecue.

6. Keep it Simple

Many BBQ hosts have made the mistake of trying to amaze the guests at their event with a dazzling array of recipes. You should resist this temptation. While the social rewards may be great if you can pull it off, the chance also exists that you can create an unsalvageable mess for yourself.

If you are not a chef with proven skills in the kitchen, it is best to stick to the time-honored classics when hosting a BBQ. You should also not underestimate just how much your guests will enjoy these classics.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to measure the potential fun you will enjoy with family and friends when you host a BBQ. And the six tips above will provide you with a solid foundation to put on a BBQ your guests will talk about for years.

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