Calabasas: A Place of Luxury

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Calabasas: A place of luxury


Although the calls of the white sandy beaches of Dubai or the lure of a top-end penthouse in New York can be strong for those who are lucky enough to afford it, the true destination for style, luxury, and A list celebrities is now in Calabasas.


Sitting up in the San Fernando Valley of California, just 30 mins north of Miami, Calabasas is well known for its high-end restaurants, shops, and impeccable homes. Homes which are no doubt filled with actors and singers sipping champagne by their Olympic-sized pools and eating caviar from a silver platter.


Calabasas might be the home to many a celebrity; the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Kanye, Drake, and Selena Gomez, to name just a few. However, it’s also a great place for luxury living for many families who choose to live there. There’s a great sense of community, especially considering its relatively small population of about 25,000.


The city takes pride in hosting many events for its residents and gives lots of opportunities for its residents to bond with and get to know their neighbors. With great year-round weather, it is usual for these events to occur outside, making the most of the stunning Calabasas backdrop. These events can range from free concerts in the park to gaming events for kids to goat yoga, always keeping up with the latest star-studded trends as they come and go.


Something for all ages

Calabasas is still a relatively new trendy neighborhood and has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last decade. It is also known for its impressive array of schools. This is thanks to its award-winning school system; the Las Virgenes Unified, which is made up of 15 different public schools, including;


  • Arthur E. Wright Middle
  • Chaparral Elementary
  • Alice C. Stelle Middle
  • Round Meadow Elementary
  • Lupin Hill Elementary
  • Calabasas High
  • Bay Laurel Elementary


A few of the achievements that the schools have won include U.S. Blue Ribbon & California Gold ribbon, A.P. honor roll district of Distinction, and U.S. news best high schools silver award.


If you are thinking of moving to Calabasas with children, the best-recommended communities are Edenwild and Park South. Other popular neighborhoods with families are Calabasas Park Estates, Calabasas Village, and Greater Mulwood.


At the other end of the scale, seniors have some great options, with a range of Calabasas senior living options, demonstrating how there’s something for everyone.



Calabasas isn’t just about A list celebrities zooming past you in their ridiculously flashy supercars and French au pairs walking Burberry-clad toddlers to their next play date. It also has lots more to offer from plenty of eye-catching attractions as well as being an incredible place to explore nature; after all, it is nestled right in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains.


There are loads of great hiking and walking trails leading up through the mountains to waterfalls and amazing viewpoints. Some of the most popular Calabasas parks include;


  • Calabasas Creekside Park
  • Gates Canyon Park
  • Brandons Village
  • Juan Bautista de Anza


It is also definitely worth looking out for the street art as there is a lot of art in public places dotted around, really maximising the vibrant nature of the area. Calabasas has the perfect blend of nature and peacefulness while still being close enough (30 miles drive) to Los Angeles.



One benefit to living in Calabasas is privacy. Most neighborhoods are gated communities, and security is here is key to their residents. This is, of course, partly due to the high profile of many of these residents. Calabasas has become a great hideaway from paparazzi for many a disgraced star.


Shop till you drop

If you are coming just for a visit, then the main attraction that tourist tends to go is shopping. Grab a bite to eat and then head to one of the most popular shopping hotspots to sift through the latest collection by a must-see designer or take advantage of some of the best thrifting to unearth some long-forgotten treasured items. Here are some of the best destinations


  • The Commons at Calabasas
  • The Summit at Calabasas
  • The old town district



When looking at homes to buy or rent in Calabasas, it’s good to know that there is something for all tastes. Of course, the most commonly thought of homes when referring to the area are ultra-flashy modern, slick, super homes, but there are still many homes that reflect a more laidback rustic feel that allow you to feel more engaged with the nature around you. Oaks of Calabasas is a particularly stunning neighborhood with high-end facilities and award-winning architecture as well as a community playground, lots of trails to go on, and a country club.



As many residents have star-studded careers, it’s only logical that the nightlife in Calabasas goes above and beyond. However, it is more common in Calabasas to find great restaurants, shops, and trendy bars than clubbing. The focus is on quality and class, with chefs from all over the world creating dishes for the locals. If what you are after is more of the party scene, most people would usually head into Los Angeles to club and dance. Some of the top foodie spots recommended by locals are;



According to Data USA, the city’s median property value is at a whopping $1.19 million.

Knowing how high the property values are in the area, it is no wonder it attracts so many celebrities and famous faces. In 2020 it was reported that the average household income in Calabasas was $194,010. This is more than twice the national average and even beats its top competitor, Beverly Hills. These numbers are even more shocking when you take into account the community’s population of around 25,000 and Beverly hills population of around 34,000. Beverly Hills, however, still has a more expensive property market, with the median home price coming in at just over $2.7 million.


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