6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Preventive Health Check-ups

Getting an annual preventive health check-up is one of the many things that can help you to stay healthy. They help in the timely diagnosis of lifestyle diseases and keep you well informed about your health status. They also help in reducing the overall healthcare cost.

Since preventive health check-ups hold so much importance, it’s important that you make the most out of them. Here a few tips that can help you; check them out!

  1. Offer as many details of your medical history as possible

Your physician or primary health care provider is responsible for understanding every health problem you have been facing and piecing it together to plan a preventive health check-up for you accordingly. If it’s your family doctor, he or she must be knowing all about your health, but if you are seeing a new doctor, it’s important that you provide them with every possible detail of your medical history. This includes diagnostic reports, immunization records, emergency details, allergies and every such relevant information.

  1. Inform your medical practitioner about your medications

Yes, of course, you know it well, but it’s worth saying again and again that your doctor should know all about the prescription as well as over the counter drugs that you been taking currently. This rule is applicable to supplements too. Some medications and drugs may affect certain test results and may provide false positive results. Since your doctor knows well about the lab interactions of different medicines, it’s important that he or she has a complete list of all your medications before planning your health check-up regime.

  1. Don’t hesitate to break-up with your physician

Finding the right doctor might be a challenging task. While there is no rule book to choose the best doctor there are certain perquisites that classify your doctor as a perfect doctor. It’s important that your doctor makes you feel comfortable while talking, it’s important that her or her style and expertise suit you, it’s important that he or she listens to you carefully and it’s important that his or her fee fits into your budget. In case your doctor fails to provide these facilities, don’t waste your time; seek help from some other physician.


  1. Be honest about your vices

While it’s not a big deal to fudge the truth to a grocer, shopkeeper, bartender or a random stranger at an event, your health care provider needs to know the honest truth about you. Questions like how often you drink or smoke, how often you are indulged in sex are not intended to intrude into your personal life. They are asked to assess the risk of diseases. Thus, it’s important that while answering such questions you are 100 percent honest with your doctor. Your answers can help your doctor plan a perfect health check-up for you.

  1. Don’t afraid to ask questions

You all know that it’s your right to have all the information about your health status and medical procedures that are going to be employed on your body. The fact is that it’s not only your right; rather, it’s your duty to seek all the information related to your health. You need this information to implement the necessary changes in your lifestyle and you need this info to be able to consult another medical supervisor. Just to ensure that you don’t forget to ask any of the questions those have been popping in your head for a couple of days, make a handy list of all your questions that you intend to ask.

  1. Don’t Google your symptoms and disease

Have you ever been sick and decided to Google the cause of your symptoms? Well, if the answer is in affirmative sense, it’s time to know that it’s the worst approach to identify your disease. Cyberchondria has become one of the major problems in health industry that may result in misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment and even death of the patient. You need to understand that doctors spend years in college for some reason and thus for the same reason, you need to discuss your symptoms with a doctor. He or she may guide you well in curating the list of tests to be covered under the preventive health check-up.

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Wrapping it Up

With the increasing risk of developing lifestyle diseases, undergoing a regular health check-up is one of the best ways to live a long and healthy life. It is thus important that you get an undivided attention of your doctor to get the most out of your routine check-up. Be prepared, bring your questions, give a complete medical history to your healthcare provider and take your routine health check-up as an opportunity to implement the changes you need to accomplish in the process of staying healthy.

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