A Futurist Speaks: Tech Trends and the Future of Insurance


In 2014 trend expert and global futurist Jack Uldrich wrote the following article: Will Google Insure the Future? In 2015 Google entered the market with “Google Compare”, an auto insurance hub. In 2016, Google discontinued the Google Compare effective March 23,  2016.

Uldrich says when it comes to insurance, “If we want to embrace the future, we’re going to have to focus as much on unlearning as learning. And that, in all likelihood, played into Google Compare closing its doors. Google is smart, and from an outside perspective, it appears they are exceptional at unlearning. Meaning they are both open to failure and taking the knowledge that, let’s face it is becoming obsolete faster, and channeling it into  innovation.”

Jack Uldrich is the author of the award-winning, bestseller, “The Next Big Thing is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your Business.” He is also the Director of the School of Unlearning—an international leadership and technology consultancy dedicated to helping business, government, and non-profit organizations prepare for, and profit from, the emerging field of  nanotechnology.

Today he is delivering his keynote, “The Future of Insurance” to a world-renowned private property and casualty  insurer.

When asked what his number one takeaway for his audience today should be, Uldrich replied, “Insurance leaders have to stay curious, to encourage the company members to think critically, to learn how to ask better questions, assimilate different ideas, and open themselves to viewing the world from a different perspective. Unlearning and growth stem directly from challenging long-held assumptions. If leaders in the industry take these challenges on, this the whole paradigm of insurance is bound to  change.”

When it comes to his 2014 prediction about Google? He says, “The future of any industry is all about taking calculated risks, iterating fast and when things don’t work, admitting mistakes and moving on. Just because Google left the “comparison” field, it does not mean it won’t try a different approach in insurance in the  future.”

In fact, Uldrich thinks Google is, “quite likely to offer coverage for self-driven cars rather than making the driver  liable.”

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