As New Car Sales Drop, Use Car Values Decline

By J.D. Power, Special for  USDR

Analysts at J.D. Power Valuation Services note in their July 2017 Used Car and Light Truck Guidelines Industry Update that wholesale depreciation was historically normal in June and declined by an average of 2.2  percent.

Highlights from the free monthly report also point  out:

  • The J.D. Power Used Vehicle Price Index remained flat in June.
    • Index was static at 111.1.
  • New vehicle deliveries were down for the month.
    • Sales slipped by 3.2 percent and the new vehicle SAAR reached 16.41M.
  • Incentive spending experienced double-digit growth.
    • Average spending per unit increased 11.6 percent.

When asked about June’s performance, David Paris, executive analyst at J.D. Power Valuation Services said, “On the depreciation side of the market, everything performed as expected based off historical averages. However, even though our index remained unchanged versus May, it was much lower—about 7.6 percent lower—than June of last  year.”

Paris went on to say, “This July, we expect wholesale prices of vehicles up to 8 years in age to fall about 2 percent. For the year, we still believe used prices will decline by around 6 percent, which is 2 points worse than 2016’s 4 percent  loss.”

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