Award Winning Author Completes Second Memoir of Years With Bipolar Disorder


After spending his adult life writing about his diagnosis, suffering and treatment of Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression, and also writing several books of award winning short stories and heartfelt poetry, Leif Gregersen has now put out the book that his fans have been waiting for, the gritty and real story of his adult years with his mental illness.

In his previous memoir, “Through The Withering Storm”, Leif walked us through what it was like to be mentally ill and not understand what was happening to him, to go through terrible depressions and waves of high energy that nearly destroyed him and certainly hurt those around him. Now, in this new book where he has grown older, Leif is desperate to be free of his affliction, but time and again it creeps up on him and turns him into literally, a raving madman. “Inching Back to Sane” gives new hope to those who suffer, because, after a long and incredibly difficult hospital admission, Leif emerges with a new resolve to win his life back at any cost.

These books, available at Amazon and accessible through his website and blog, http://www.edmontonwriter.comwill help you to understand the one in five of us who will at one point in their lives need treatment for a major disorder. One in five-that’s in just about every family, every group of friends, and every workplace people are a part of.

We all see the superficial signs of mental illness, sometimes in ourselves, but “Inching Back to Sane” bravely spells out what it is to need help and the harsh realities of life with a disorder. Review copies of both books for Journalists are available upon request.

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