Bed Bug Resistant Furniture

By Central City Concern, Special for  USDR

If your renter just found a bed bug nestled into his or her bed frame, you can bet they are everywhere in that room, according to Jon Bailey who, for the past six years, has handled bed bug treatment for Central City Concern, an affordable housing and service agency working to end homelessness. “You’ll find them in the end table, in the chest of drawers, tucked into the desk…. everywhere.  If you can’t afford to throw away infested furniture, you really need pieces that help you spot bed bugs early and that can be successfully treated and re-used,” said  Jon.

Going Beyond Bed Frames:  10 Additional Products  Added
In 2010, as it raced the clock to furnish a 176-unit affordable housing building in Portland, Oregon, Central City Concern developed a bed bug resistant bed frame.  Word quickly got out about the Central City Bed‘s effectiveness and how it can be easily cleaned and put back into use after an infestation and to date, Central City Bed® has sold 2,700 bed frames across the country. Go to learn more about the recently added furniture that resists bed  bugs:

  • two ladder back chairs
  • stacking chair
  • standard round table
  • simple desk
  • four-drawer chest (2 sizes)
  • four storage wardrobes (2 sizes)

“We sell a lot of bed frames,” said Sarah Porter, Program Manager, “but our customers are often furnishing an entire room and they need more. They have frequently asked us to provide additional furniture items and we are pleased to respond to their needs with these new pieces of quality  furniture.”

Bed bugs are a costly and chronic problem for many providers of furnished apartments in the United States. Most housing developers and providers develop full-scale programs to prevent and eradicate bed bugs in their buildings.  Central City Bed operates under the umbrella of Central City Concern, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has received national recognition for its innovative programs ending homelessness and helping people achieve self- sufficiency.

SOURCE Central City  Concern

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