Benefits of Installing an NBN Battery Backup

The broadband connectivity has become an equalizer by providing each individual a fair and equal opportunity to live his or her dream. Almost every job these days have a need for continuous internet connectivity for access to the information and necessary tools for its accomplishment. In this regard, the NBN network is a step that opens a number of opportunities for every willing and talented individual irrespective of their place and state in life. The NBN battery backup installed along with the NBN connection has become a necessity especially for the installations which have more than one service relying upon the broadband connection or where emergency services are provided and the NBN network is the only access medium. Moreover, in the fast-moving world, even some independent small businesses are finding it inevitable to have interrupted Internet connectivity. In addition to that, there are also some other benefits of having a battery backup for your internet connection.

  • Undisrupted Connectivity

Installing an NBN battery backup next to your NBN connection box make sure that you are connected with the world without any disruption. Even during the power outage you are not left aloof and have guaranteed access to your connections and the information that is available over the Internet.

  • Backup for Other Services

NBN battery backup is not meant for providing power only to your broadband Internet connection. As a matter of fact, when you are opting for an NBN connection, your telephone line is also connected to the NBN connection box. This connection box operates on power supply through a power point. This means that if the power goes off, your telephone service will also go down along with the Internet. Thus, an NBN battery provides backup only to your Internet connection but also to your telephone line. In addition to this, it can provide support to any device such as Wi-Fi router, Ethernet switch, etc, that is directly plugged into the NBN connection box.

  • Automatic Switching

The NBN batteries are designed with an automatic switch on and switch off mechanism. The backup supply through the battery starts automatically as soon as the power goes down. Most of the batteries are also designed to turn off on their own, in case the charge level goes down to forty percent. This feature ensures that the battery is not consumed completely and there is always some backup reserved for the emergency usage.

  • Easy to Understand Indicators

NBN batteries have simple self-explanatory light indicators and alarms which specify different states of the battery. These indicators inform you when your battery backup kicks in when it goes off and even when the battery is needed to be replaced.

  • Recyclable Battery

Batteries are classified as hazardous waste due to sealed lead. However, the NBN batteries are recyclable. You can take the used battery to the nearby recycling center and get the job done.

If you are planning to switch to an NBN network, evaluating a battery backup installation is important. Although, it may seem to be a tedious task, how small business can make the switch to the NBN by HuffPost can provide you the necessary information and motivation for the same.

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