Best Travel Tips for Business


Traveling on business can get stale pretty fast. Once you’ve logged the first twenty-thousand miles you may start to feel cranky instead of elated when it’s time to pack the old suitcase and hit the road. Maybe you’re thinking: “Who needs the  aggravation?”

Make your business travel less aggravating by focusing on the better things in business travel. Here’s a few suggestions to save you from a case of the blue devils the next time you miss a connection at the  airport:

Travel perks

It costs $450 a year for an American Express Platinum Card, but hey — the perks are fantastic. You get admittance of over nine hundred airport clubs, where you can relax between connections, even catch a few z’s. Free secure WiFi courtesy of Boingo. And plenty of deals and discounts for hotels such as Hilton and Starwood. What’s not to  like?


Think about getting a Chase Sapphire Prefered Card for the double points on travel and dining expenses. If you travel extensively the points add up in no time for Hilton or Marriott. And they’re transferable one-to-one for other airlines like United and Southwest. The annual bite:  $95.

Easy  upgrades

The secret to an easy and inexpensive upgrade to first class is to keep on asking for it. When you buy your ticket, at the airport kiosk, and even as you’re boarding. An informal survey of travelers done by Western Traveler Magazine found that flyers who asked for an upgrade at least two times before boarding got the upgrade for next to nothing 3 times out of 10. It’s better odds than you’ll get in Las  Vegas!


Some are good, and some are bad. National Airlines Magazine picked the Salt Lake City airport hub as consistently the best, with the shortest lines and waiting time to board. So check to see if you can make connections through their. The worst? It’s a tie between Dulles International in Washington D.C. and La Guardia in New York. Avoid those two if you possibly  can.


The consensus is that JetBlue has the most spacious seating; so if you’re tired of traveling like a contortionist, try them. Who’s got the worst seats? It’s a toss-up; there’s no consensus there, except that seats seem to continue to be shrinking in size at an uncomfortable rate. For a one stop shop experience, JustFly has you  covered.

Car  rental

Hertz is no longer the Gold Standard in car rentals. National is doing the best job of wooing customers to their counters with special programs to bypass their counter and go right to your car in a reserved lot. Plus they are currently running a promotion where you get one free day for every two car  rentals.

Always go  precheck

Don’t complain about the prices, just do it. The aggravation you’ll avoid will add ten years to your  life.

Hotel  perks

They’ve all got them nowadays, even Motel 6! But the best one currently is the Diamond Level Gold Passport at Hyatt. Suite upgrades for free at least four times per year. Free high speed internet in your room. Free breakfast (and not just corn flakes and skim milk, either — there’s a choice of fresh fruits with yogurt or Belgian waffles.) And your checkout time is 4 p.m. So sleep in and  enjoy!

It is possible to pamper yourself and pick up some excellent freebies when traveling on business. Just keep that in mind the next time you’re seated next to someone who snores like a buzz  saw . . .

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