Brain Injured Teen Sues For Damages


Brain damage can completely devastate not just the individual, but those who love them and are left to care for them. A Los Angeles family is suing not just the person who they know “sucker-punched” their son, but those who conspired to help the  attacker.

Jordan Peisner, a 14-year-old boy from West Hills, suffered a fractured skull when he was punched by another student in a December attack, which was not only captured on SnapChat but was sent out for other children to watch. A lawsuit was filed last Monday on Jordan’s behalf by his father, Ed Peisner; the suit names not just the boy who punched him but also the other minors who were all co-conspirators in the case. He is also suing the Wendy’s restaurant and the Platt Village Shopping Center’s management company in West Hills, where the incident  occurred.

Peisner was a student from El Camino Real Charter High School; he was exiting Wendy’s on December 2 to talk to his friends when a boy he didn’t even know came up from behind and punched him just below his right ear. The force was so great and the damage so extensive that Peisner had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles where it was discovered that he had sustained a blood clot in his brain, a concussion, a ruptured eardrum and a fractured  skull.

Three minors have been identified in the suit and are named with their first name and last initial only: Myles J., Taylor S., and Coral B.. According to the reports, Coral B. promised Myles J. that she would give him oral sex and money if he sucker-punched Peisner in the head. Taylor S. was in charge of capturing the assault on video as evidence, and it was posted to SnapChat so that the three could gain attention on the social media  site.

When Peisner hit the ground, Taylor S. began pushing away those who were trying to help, because they were blocking her view for filming it. According to court documents, she wanted to be within inches of Peisner’s head wound to make it more  dramatic.

The reason that the Wendy’s in the shopping center has been named in the suit is because it has a reputation for having a rough crowd that is known to throw food around, kick trash cans, and there have been several fights at the establishment. Although teens have been found engaging in violent and criminal behavior, the restaurant has continued to look the other way instead of intervening. That is true not only of the Wendy’s location, but includes the shopping center managed by ICI Development. Although they knew that the environment was not a safe one for clientele, they did nothing to clean it up or to ensure their patrons’  safety.

It isn’t just that the three teens were involved in the incident; it is also that the other establishments where it happened have done nothing to curb repeated violence, creating an atmosphere that was just right for something to happen. The company went  with the “kids will be kids” mentality; instead of taking steps like hiring a security guard or calling law enforcement, the shopping center and restaurant both turned a blind eye. In the eyes of the Peisners, and the attorney who will argue their case, that makes them as culpable as the teens who perpetrated the  crime.

The attorney will argue that the history and pattern of behavior at the Wendy’s location in the shopping mall was becoming increasingly violent and that the owners had the responsibility to clean it up so that no one got hurt, but they didn’t — and so someone  did.

Los Angeles brain injury lawyers can confirm that the Peisners aren’t just suing to have their medical bills and pain and suffering compensated. They are suing so that no other family or teen has to suffer through needless violence for the sake of a SnapChat video. There is no argument that the internet is fostering a dangerous atmosphere for youngsters everywhere. Until someone is held accountable, it likely isn’t going to  stop.

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