Branding vs. Marketing – Bust Branding Misconceptions with Some Factual Differences Between the Two!


So, as you are reading this blog, I can assume that you have started with your business and now ready to give a kick push to branding. Now, the very first question that how exactly I should start with the procedure of branding. Branding online is not an easy task, and one needs to follow the major techniques to achieve the  goal.

Common concept of branding – Completely  wrong

With my so many years of experience I find that branding basically implies to color schemes, logos (What should be my logo and the colors in it? Will the colors represent my work and services?), brand mentions, social popularity and links (You need to stay online as much as possible because it helps in brand recall.) website design, SERPs visibility, promotional campaigns, ad campaigns etc. Well, but this is not the right concept. You are looking in the wrong way. The items above are just marketing strategies and tools. There is a vast difference between branding and marketing. Once can approach SEO Brisbane for all in one package, which includes SEO, branding, marketing, web design  etc.

What is  marketing?

Marketing can be defined as the set of tools and processes for promoting businesses. It includes local search, social media, traditional promotional elements, PPC etc. On the other hand, branding is the main culture itself. It can be said as the message that simply just permeates as well as rules all your business  process.

How people confuse marketing with branding?

You will see many people are not clear about the concept of branding and marketing. They simply cannot differentiate between the two and tend to mix both of them. In fact, marketers and businesses handling the task of branding have some common misconceptions. I have stated some of them below in  brief:

Misconception  #1

Branding is advertising, marketing, promotion  etc

As I have mentioned earlier, this is a mere misconception as branding is a much wider and deeper aspect of comparison to marketing. Advertising, marketing as well as other promotional matters simply just communicate the message and personality of your brand. Usually, your brand consists of your voice, personality and message. And branding helps in just establishing the traits  above.

Misconception  #2

The ultimate authority on your  brand

If you are among one of the first-time business owners, then it is a common misconception. The main truth is that once you have the ball in your hand, you set up the business guidelines for your organisation which you will follow as well as live by because they work with your brand, it does not make you the sole authority of the  brand.

The customers are the king, and they will ultimately define your brand. It is essential to choose the brand values cautiously. The perception of the customers of your brand is something which makes them stick with the people they influence. A careless choice will simply make your brand taken the wrong route. In fact, it may even fail ultimately when you cannot see the return  customers.

Misconception  #3

Success formula for  branding

Many people think that as online marketing can be measured to a certain extent, then everything has a definite formula. But always remember, no two firms are the same. So, a single process which can work for developing a specific brand may only just work for businesses on the same  line.

The real truth is that there is no exact formula for branding and is simply a customised experience. You can also measure your brand’s success easily. You need to look at the behaviour as well as the interests of the audience your actual  target.

If you want to establish and set up a strong brand, then you need to come across the fundamental questions behind the development. I would suggest following the below matters properly before you start with the online marketing strategies  game.

Understanding your  business

You need to first setup regarding what you exactly want to do. You need to get the answer slowly as this is not a one-time procedure. You need to understand the core of your  business.

  • Why did I build this company?
  • Why does it matter to me that these things get done?
  • Why do I want to help out this specific group of people?

I would also suggest you note down the answers. Start with questions related to “why”. These answers will make up your  purpose.

Always remember, branding is never same as marketing. Branding can be defined as the main part of the marketing strategy. And to come up with an effective brand one needs clarity and authenticity in every step I have disused above. Thus, allowing the target market to identify the person as well as values with brand personality  successfully.

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