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Written by Blaise Goetschin, who has managed and restructured several companies, the Team Management Operating Guide is a lever to inspire and galvanise teams which form the foundations of the business and constitute a precondition for its success. It summarises, in a simple textbook approach, and thanks to the author’s proven track record, the issues that really count at grass roots level when you have to make the difference to win the  day.

Asking a question in the right way, taking a decision when time is critical, giving instructions, protecting and stimulating action are all part of the daily activity for unit heads and team leaders. Daily activity which calls for a simple and practical method, summarised in this reference guide, a welcome synopsis amidst the millions of pages devoted to management  techniques.

Team Management Guide

Undoubtedly worth slipping into the top pockets of all business leaders to inspire and galvanise their  teams!

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Biography of the  author

Born on 1st September 1957, Blaise Goetschin has been Chief Executive Officer of the Banque Cantonale de Genève since the year 2000. Of Swiss nationality, he is an HEC graduate from the University of Lausanne. As from 1982, he was an external auditor with Pricewaterhouse in Geneva. In 1985 he joined Crédit Suisse in Zurich as Deputy Vice President – Capital Markets, working in New York managing the Corporate Banking department before being made an executive, in 1990, responsible for Corporate Finance activities in the French-speaking regions of Switzerland, plus Bern and Basel. In 1993, he assumed responsibility for private sector Corporate Finance activities for the whole of Switzerland. Appointed by the Council of State of the Canton of Vaud in 1995 as head of the State Finance Department, as from 1998 he held the position of General Manager of the Fiduciary Trust International Bank,Geneva, institutional and private management (Swiss subsidiary of the group, based in New York). Since 1st October 2000 he has been at the helm of the Banque Cantonale de  Genève.

Other activities: Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Banque Cantonale de Genève (France) SA, Chairman of the Board of la Centrale de lettres de gage SA (Zurich), Chairman of the Board of Capital Transmission SA Geneva and of Dimension SA (Lausanne), Director of La Foncière, Investissements Fonciers SA, Lausanne, Member of the board committee of the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks, Member of the board of the Swiss Bankers Association, Member of the Geneva Financial Centre Foundation, Committee member of the Geneva Association for Property Owners (CGI), Board member of the Dudley Wright Foundation  (Geneva).

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