Changing The Way The World Detects Cancer


Jenny Hrbacek’s new book, Cancer Free! Are You SURE? can play a role in changing the way cancer is detected.  It contains lifesaving information.  Far too many people – and she was one of them – get a diagnosis out of the blue and are whisked to the operating table or chemotherapy chair in a matter of days. It was her understanding that if she let the surgeon remove the small tumor with her breast tissue, she would be cancer free. A little later, in the chemo room, she noticed other patients around her were having a second, even a third recurrence of  cancer.

The conventional cancer screening methods of mammograms, PSA screenings, and PET scans often catch cancer so late the cancer is pretty far along. And 90% of people who get a recurrence die within 5  years.

Jenny spent 4 years learning what her oncology team did not tell her. She learned that there are numerous tests available that are much more sensitive and do a much better job of early detection than a mammogram or PET scan. These tests can be lifesaving because they can see cancer coming really early or sound the alarm of an impending cancer  recurrence.

She shares it all in her book.  This book gives readers a clear road-map – what the tests are, how to order them, the degree of accuracy, what they cost, and more. She also gives readers the big picture as to what causes cancer so they are empowered to prevent it. And if they are in treatment, she explains how they can avoid the toxic one-size-fits-all standard of care that opens the door for far too many patients to have a recurrence of cancer. Everyone should know that they do not have to wait for a lump or bump to find  cancer.

“I have read over a hundred books on the natural healing of cancer over the last 18 years…Here, folks, you have one of the best.  This book uniquely gives you the only thorough guide to testing yourself and your loved ones for cancer that I have ever seen.” Bill Henderson, Author & Cancer Coach  (

“This (book) is the VITAL step in eliminating cancer – find it early and reverse it!” 
Dr. Garry Gordon   – President, Gordon Research  Institute

Jenny is a Registered Nurse and a resident of Sugar Land, Texas.  The book is available and on  Amazon.

SOURCE Jenny  Hrbacek

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