Cheers! The "State Of The Union Drinking Game" Is Here


You just might get a buzz from hearing Pres. Obama’s buzzwords tonight if you play this new State Of The Union Drinking Game.

Playing is easy, and fun. All you have to do is take a drink each time the president uses one of this trademark buzzwords.

If you’re a beer drinker, simply take a swig each time you hear the president refer to himself using a personal pronoun (“I,” “me,” etc.) or say one of the following:

  • “Government Shutdown,”
  • “Economic Recovery,”
  • “Climate Change,”
  • “Minimum Wage,”
  • “Middle Class,” or
  • “Immigration Reform”

WARNING: Pres. Obama has been known to use the personal pronouns “I” or “me” more than a hundred times in a single speech. Please drink responsibly.

If you think liquor is slicker, just take one shot of your favorite libation each time you hear Pres. Obama invoke one of these familiar phrases:

  • “Millionaires and Billionaires,”
  • “Working Folks,”
  • “Income Equality,”
  • “Marriage Equality,”
  • “Fair Share,”
  • “Dreamers,” or
  • “Executive Action.”

The State of the Union Drinking Game even has a BONUS ROUND:

  • If Vice President Joe Biden Dozes Off: Take two shots of Old Grand Dad whiskey
  • If Speaker John Boehner Cries: Drink a wine cooler
  • If Joe Wilson Yells, “You Lie”: Drink an entire bottle of champagne

Official Disclaimer/Warning: While drinking alcohol to excess can be hazardous to your health, drinking every time a politician like Pres. Obama uses a buzzword, cliché, or catch-phrase can be REALLY hazardous to your heath- so, you might want to stick to O’Doul’s for this game. If you do drink, be sure to do so responsibly. You know, we’re just joking around here and not encouraging you do something harmful to your health – if you want to do that, just support Obamacare.

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