Chia Sales Figures Poll Predicted Trump Would Win


The “Chia Poll” may have been one of the few polls that actually predicted that Trump would win. The latest sales figures in the Chia Poll (as of November 5, 2016) showed Chia Trump’s share of sales at 77% and Chia Clinton’s share of sales at 23%. Those percentages were steady throughout the run-up to the  election.

This makes it the second time that the Chia Poll correctly predicted the winner of the Presidential Election. In the first ever Presidential Chia Poll in 2012, the percentages of the sales of Chia Obama vs. Chia Romney almost exactly matched the results of the Electoral College percentages in that election! So now, with two correct predictions under its Chia hair, will Chia heads become the next go-to standard in election  polling

And now, what will happen with both the losing Chia and the winning  Chia?

Will sales of Chia Trump skyrocket now that he is going to become the next  President?
Will sales of Chia Clinton skyrocket now that they are going to become a limited edition piece of political  memorabilia?
And, will sales of Chia Obama skyrocket during his final months in  office?

And, during the Christmas season, will people be buying Chia Trumps and Chia Clintons and giving them to their friends and relatives as consolation gifts or congratulatory  gifts?

Chia Trump, Chia Clinton and Chia Obama as well as Chia Bernie Sanders are part of the Joseph Enterprises’ “Freedom of Choice Collection” and are available at Kmart and Target stores, Amazon and at

So (to quote Mike Pence), “The people have spoken.” And, as the Chia Poll shows, they also speak by purchasing their favorite “Freedom of Choice”  Chia.

SOURCE  Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia

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