Choosing the Best tDCS Device

With new technological developments buzzing the world every single day, it’s not really weird to imagine a device that can be tweaked to one’s scalp to enhance the cognitive capacities or give a boost to your memory power. Well, tDCS devices based on Transcranial Direct Current stimulation technology can do just that!

Understanding the technology behind tDCS devices

tDCS technology was originally developed for treating medical complexities like brain injuries and other neurological conditions. Over the last few years though, medical research has found out various other benefits of using tDCS devices. Their use in improving cognitive ability, memory, visual perception skills, motor issues and other disorders like depression, anxiety etc have been found to be highly positive.

So how does a tDCS device really work and is it truly safe? tDCS devices work by passing a small current (usually between 1-2 mA) through the scalp directly to the brain tissue. The device comes equipped with electrodes which are placed on suggested areas of the scalp to help regulate the polarization levels of the neurons. The small amount of current is considered safe for usage by the general population and is known to enhance brain plasticity as well as treat various other neurological conditions. The battery-powered tDCS devices available on the market are usually small and portable and come with self-use instruction manuals.

And yes, for those of you still considering the safety of these devices, most medical researches carried out so far indicate no evidence of long term side effects. That said, it is always wise to consult a physician for understanding the best approach towards using a tDCS device, especially so if you have underlying medical conditions like cardiac issues, cochlear implants, pregnancy etc. It is also important to follow instructions on the manual that comes with the kit for safe usage.

Criteria to look for when choosing the best tDCS device

It is a particularly overwhelming task when searching the market for a reliable, high-quality as well as the best tDCS device for self use. With the high circulation of low-quality devices circulating within the market, one needs to undertake proper research to find the best tDCS device which speaks of trust and quality. Various factors like cost, accessories, results, customer reviews and user-friendliness are all important when looking for a reliable piece. While every buyer has their own list of priorities, here are some key selection criteria that must be looked into when looking for good quality and precise medical grade tDCS device.

  • Ease of use
  • Accessories attached/available with the device (like carry-cases, headbands etc.)
  • Cost
  • FDA approval/ usage in other countries
  • Total running hours at the highest setting
  • The accuracy of current and voltage boosting systems
  • Availability of in-built timer
  • Requirement/Non-requirement of prescription for self-use

The best ones on the market

Based on some of the criteria mentioned above, and particularly the end results as validated by various research studies, some of the best tDCS devices that are top rated and are currently available on the market are:

  1. Fisher Wallace Stimulator
  2. Activadose II
  3. The Brain Stimulator v3.0
  4. Caputron Activadose II tDCS Starter Kit
  5. Apex Type A 18V
  6. Soterix
  7. Focus V3
  8. Halo Sport
  9. Brain Driver v2
  10. Omni Stimulator

The world is advancing towards a technologically smart era. And so is medical science. With multiple easy and safe to use tDCS devices available on the market, the science of brain stimulation definitely has a bright future.

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