Clinton Supporters Losing Sleep Over Trump Win


Before the election, most people were sleeping pretty well, confident that their candidate would win in 2016. But the post-election blues have a third of Democrats losing sleep, while the conclusion of the stressful presidential race has helped a third of Republicans sleep more soundly. conducted surveys both before and after the election, asking participants how well they have been sleeping as well as party affiliations or leanings. Things seemed pretty even before the 2016 presidential election took place, but a disparity has become apparent as a result of Trump’s  victory.

Interestingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, only 4.8% of Democrats reported sleeping better after the election versus 31.9% who claim to be sleeping worse (the remaining 63.4% believe they are sleeping about the same). Almost the exact opposite, 33.7% of Republicans reported that they are sleeping better versus only 4.3% who claim they are sleeping worse (the remaining 62.1% believe they are sleeping about the same). Likewise, 27.7% of Independents said they were sleeping better compared to 16.3% who said they were sleeping  worse.

US-Mattress’ chief researcher, Dongna Wang, compared the Google Survey responses and concluded that “there does appear to be a significant correlation between the election results and the perceived sleep quality of those surveyed. Roughly 60% of the three groups reported they were sleeping about the same, but around 30% of Republicans and Independents said they were sleeping better while 30% of Democrats said they were sleeping worse.” That’s over 6 times as many Democrats sleeping worse than better, and over 7 times as many Republicans sleeping better than worse! It would seem the aftereffects of this election are being felt in all aspects of people’s  lives.

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