Curing the Lovesick

By Don MacDonald, Special for  USDR

People-pleasers devote most of their time to avoiding conflict, going along with other people and placing their own needs last. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, people-pleasing tendencies can literally make us lovesick, leading to stress, headaches, insomnia, resentment and frequent colds and  flus.

Dr. Don (MacDonald) is one of the few people talking about this common health threat. As a chiropractor, he has seen many patients with ailments that stem from the stress of people-pleasing. Years of providing chiropractic care to such patients led him to write The Underdog Curse: The Cause, The Cure, Your Road to Success. Dr. Don knows that Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can bring people-pleasers to their  knees.

In an interview, this recovering people-pleaser and veteran of 15 years of marriage can  discuss:

  • The risk couples take when they do everything together.
  • How to avoid being a Valentine’s Day underdog.
  • What to do if you fear that your lover will forget Valentine’s Day—again.
  • Ways worries and resentments sabotage your immune system on Valentine’s Day and every day.
  • How to use dynamic communication to figure out the best way for you and your lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Credentials: Dr. Don has spent 17 years in the health and wellness industry as a chiropractor. It was from his position at the adjusting table that he noticed a common frustration developing into a major stressor in the lives of many patients. He gave this frustration a name: “the underdog curse.” It stopped people from living their best lives, and often stripped them of true happiness. Dr. Don is also a life coach and motivational speaker who has appeared on NBC in Baltimore, City TV and on more than a dozen radio shows across the  country.

Availability: Alberta, Canada, nationwide in the U.S. by arrangement and via  telephone

SOURCE Don  MacDonald

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