Debunking Common Myths About 5G

China was leading the planet with its 5G progress when the coronavirus pandemic seemed to bring the entire world to a screeching halt. The technology was being mass-deployed throughout the country and was even made available for commercial use. The timing of the outbreak has caused some interesting conspiracy theories to emerge regarding 5G technology. The worst of the theories is that 5G played a role in producing the COVID-19 coronavirus.

5G Technology is Responsible for the Coronavirus

One byproduct of the coronavirus hysteria is a theory that has circulated on social media sites claiming that 5G is responsible for causing the deadly pandemic. Different versions and explanations for the myth exist but one popular retelling of the story proposes that a doctor in Belgium blew the whistle on the fact that the radiation from 5G is the true culprit behind the coronavirus.

Individuals and groups who are peddling this information are not just displaying ignorance or poor judgment. The people responsible for these rumors are instigating dangerous behavior. The fear caused by these rumors has led to the burning and vandalization of multiple 5G towers. There have also been a number of more serious threats from people frightened by these rumors.

The truth is 5G radiation is not capable of penetrating the skin nor is it possible for 5G technology to clear a path for a virus to enter the body.

5G Technology Causes Other Health Problems

5G is no different than other cellular technology in that it uses radio waves to transmit signals. The major difference between 5G and the technologies it has been compared to is a higher frequency and shorter wavelength that makes it possible to facilitate more connections that operate at a higher speed.

Many people believe these differences with 5G can increase the risk of illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in users and other people who come into contact with 5G radio waves. The truth of the matter is, 5G poses no more of a threat to human health than 2g, 3g, or 4g technology does.

While the World Health Organization states that radiation from radio frequencies is carcinogenic, foods eaten daily like pickled vegetables are classified in the same manner.

5G Will Replace 4G

In the past, a hard switch was necessary for each generation of cellular technology. New equipment and devices were added to the infrastructure so that 2G could make way for 3G. The same transition took place when it was time for 3G to be upgraded with 4G technology.

The situation with 5G is a little different at this time. Currently, 5G is being used in a “non-standalone” capacity that is a transition from 4G. When a 5G call is made, a 4G network will handle the call before a switch to 5G is made.

Ulterior Motives are Attached to 5G

Speed and bandwidth are both increased with 5G technology. However, what makes the technology so appealing for users is the zero-latency it possesses. Latency affects the amount of time that is necessary to complete a data transfer. These data transfers can basically be made in real-time using 5G technology.

The rapid data transferability of 5G will make technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and RPA available on a much larger scale than was possible in the past.

5G Will Be in Your Town Soon

There could be some truth to this rumor if you live in a major city. However, for people living in rural areas or remote parts of the world, it could be quite some time before 5G technology is available to them.

Bottom Line

5G technology is here and it is set to change the world. The number of wild and outlandish rumors regarding the technology only serves to demonstrate the anticipation for the technology possessed by the world. It is important to not listen to many of these rumors or jump to conclusions regarding 5G technology. Any questions you may possess will be answered in due time.

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