Don’t Battle it All Alone: 5 Reasons Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

The US immigration process is arduous, complicated, and time-consuming. Completing the necessary paperwork ahead of the deadlines is a monumental challenge. Even for people who are accustomed to the US legal system, and for whom English is their first language, the process Is fraught with ambiguity. For foreign-born immigrants, it is nothing short of a legal minefield.

An immigration attorney is there to guide you through this minefield by providing the necessary information and legal assistance to file your application correctly on time, hopefully thereby avoiding the delays that have come to plague the process in recent years.

Gathering the Right Documentation

The immigration application process, whether you are filing a family-based application, an employment-based application, or a single citizenship application is complex and involves filing the right paperwork at the right time.

With so much paperwork to complete, it is often helpful to have someone clarify exactly what documentation needs to be completed by what deadline. Missing any of these deadlines or failure to provide the right details in the place on the correct form, could result in your case being denied. With so much at stake, an extra pair of experienced eyes is always useful.

They Know What Supporting Documentation Will Help Your Case

When it comes to immigration procedure, an experienced attorney will have seen it all before and can advise on what supporting documentation will give your case the best chance of approval.

They Can Effectively Walk You Through All of Your Options

Whatever your legal status, you will have several options available. You probably just don’t know it. An immigration lawyer can explain what legal options are available, out clearly convey the pros and cons of each option.

They will not be able to make the decisions for you, but they can equip you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision yourself and ensure you are in possession of all the facts moving forward.

They Will Protect You Against Fraud

Unfortunately, there has been a sharp increase in notarios scamming immigrants. They charge immigrants a fee to secure their green card but know full-well that the immigrant is not eligible.

The scams are so common that the American Bar Association (ABA) has been forced to develop an initiative to combat notario fraud.
They Save You Money

Immigration attorneys will be able to advise you on the strength of your application. This means that they can tell you from the beginning if you have a weak application or are at risk of rejection, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in fees only to find yourself ineligible or with a weak application.

Even if you have worked without lawful employment authorization or have committed a crime such as fraud, there may still be a chance that you could have a successful green card application. It is always worth consulting an immigration lawyer to find out all of your options and evaluating the strength of your green card application before you file an application.

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