Encouraging Endurance

By Egg Weights, Special for  USDR

Egg Weights, a fitness and sports equipment company, announced today the launch of their ergonomically designed handheld weights.  The company has also partnered with hydration systems manufacturer, UltrAspire, to create a weight transferable vest and belt.  The products are scheduled for release early January 2017 on  Kickstarter.

Egg Weights are the World’s first palm centered egg shaped weight specifically designed to work with the body’s natural motion.  They don’t alter or obstruct functional movement during physical  exercise.

The company also has utility patents pending on a series of transferable hydration vests and belts, and a smart watch and smart phone tracking app.  The vest and belt allow users to store the handheld weights with ease for the option to go hands free when desired.  The tracking application will not only track key indicators such as heart rate, steps, strides, calories, etc. but will also track all upper body movements and repetitions in conjunction with the held weight of an Egg  Weight.

Inventor, Christian Malcolm, created the system after a hiking accident with his son when he accidentally swung a dumbbell backwards hitting his son in the  shoulder.

“I realized that traditional dumbbell shapes weren’t safe for running, walking, hiking or training in groups, so I created a safe ergonomic handheld weight.” – Christian Malcolm, Founder of Egg  Weights.

“I’m seeing a lot of benefit with my kids who are using Egg Weights. They are running faster times since they started using them.” – Prince Mumba, Three Time 800-meter World  Champion.

“They make sense. I can see how they improve muscle memory when running and increase core strength.” – Eric Byrnes, MLB Player turned Ultra  Runner.

Dr. Todd Schroeder of ETS Science Lab recently tested Egg Weights at the USC Clinical Health Research Center in Los  Angeles.

“The 3.5 MPH walking condition using the Egg Weight showed a greater intensity than walking without the Egg Weights with a 55% increase in VO2/kg/min, a 62% increase in kcal/min, and a 28% increase in heart  rate.

“The 6.0 MPH jogging condition using the Egg Weight also showed a greater intensity than jogging without the Egg Weights with a 24% increase in VO2/kg/min, a 28% increase in kcal/min, and a 17% increase in heart  rate.”

“It is so important that we are able to manage our production and quality locally.  We know our product will be held in the hands of athletes across America so we take great pride in supporting American jobs here at home.” – Bree Lambert Elite Ultra Runner, Current Women’s USA Track and Field 50km Masters Champion and Co-Founder of Egg  Weights.

Egg Weights is proud to be making the cast iron weights locally in Southern California at Pacific  Alloy.

For more Information, go to  www.eggweights.com.

SOURCE Egg  Weights

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