Fairsurance: A Different Kind of Extended Warranty Provider


Extended warranties give you; the consumer the advantage of extending the manufacturer’s limited warranty. It, of course, comes at an extra  price.

Most people I have interacted with (myself included) have in the past had a bad experience with an extended warranty provider. The biggest hurdle, of course, is the extensive paperwork that they require when they make claims. The time taken to process those claims has also been disconcerting. This is one of the main concerns that Fairsurance addresses. You will find them at  https://fairsurance.com/.

What Does Fairsurance Stand  For?

In an industry that has stained its reputation with fraudulent protection plans and dishonored claims, the company looks to diverting from the path popularly traveled. The idea is to start a new revolution in warranty provision that will force the established brands to clean up their acts and honor claims as they should. The company plans to lead the  way.

What gives Fairsurance an edge over the  rest?

Tech-Savvy Way Of Determining Your  Risk

“Unlike other companies, our policies are dynamically priced. Instead of selling to everyone for the same price, we actively filter out frauds before even selling a policy” words from the CEO, Niclas Blomberg. He says that by avoiding fraudsters from the get-go, trustworthy consumers get a better deal. Any purchase, from cars to golf clubs, has its unique risks. According to Fairsurance, they are in a good position to determine these risks since they work directly with the  manufacturers.

Fast  Expedition

Time is of the essence in business, which is why Fairsurance promises not to waste yours. The company says it does things a little differently that the competition.It collects the data needed to start the process and acts speedily to honor your claim. According to company reps98.6 percent of submitted claims are processed within 24 hours of  submission.

No Reading Between the Lines, No Fine  Print

The contract issues a simple and straightforward contract. You do not need a polished suit to take you through it (though this is your prerogative). The contract basically outlines the obligations of each party. There is no fine  print.

The company’s slogan is “Building America’s Most Trusted Extended Warranty  Provide.”

Their CEO acknowledges that for that to happen, they have to treat their customers as assets, not as sales figure in a spreadsheet. They endeavor to establish relationships with their customers that remain strong even when claims are made. The company management says that their job is not done until their clients are happily referring them to their friends and  families.


If you need an extended warranty, this San-Francisco based company is the real deal. They have partnered with the likes of DealDash to make extended warranty  affordable.

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