Five Important Escape Room Tips for Teams

Escape rooms are an excellent place to have fun, adventure, and just enjoy great company with your team. If you have an escape room adventure planned for the weekend, you should not feel nervous. Whether you are trying to impress your date or are having a team building session with workmates, you will definitely enjoy yourself. Read on to get a few escape room guidelines that will help you out irrespective of the games you  play.


You need to communicate with your team about anything that you see or find. You should always remember that communication also involves listening to what your team members are saying. Everyone in the team should be encouraged to describe whatever they are seeing and should be vocal about it. This is crucial because a clue might seem meaningless to you, but it will help another person in connecting the  dots.

Look and search  everywhere

You should turn things over and pick everything up as it might give you the clues you need. You need to explore the entire room and check every surface for possible hints. You should remember to check the ceiling as well as the floors. You should not be afraid of touching things or opening up items that you discover. Most items in the room are placed there for a reason even though some props are meant to act as  distractions.

Divide and  conquer

If you have a big group, you should take advantage of this and split up the work while in the best escape room Sacramento has. This way, one group can work on one puzzle, while the other tries to solve another puzzle. You can even have another group that stands back and gives each of you a different perspective of things. It is wasteful to have a team of ten people working on a single puzzle before they move to the  next.

Delegate  work

Escape rooms are designed mainly for groups and you may find several puzzles that you need to work on. You can save lots of time by delegating small groups to work on different puzzles. If you are in a big escape room, you can get clues by searching different areas in smaller groups. If work delegation does not come naturally, then you will have to pick one person to be your  leader.

Listen to the game  master

You should carefully listen to your game master. This is because they may be giving you hints when they lead your group to the escape room. Usually, people tend to be extremely excited to get into the room and start the games that they forget to listen to their game masters. You should not assume the boring rules or helpful advice that you get from the game  master.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the length of time that is left for the game to end. You may also have lots of puzzles that you need to solve or your exit may just be around the corner. It is better that you seek help sooner as it might help you out. You should not feel uncomfortable asking for assistance, especially if you are making no progress. Make sure that you have fun because that is what escape rooms are made  for.

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