Focus and Concentration Depend on Quality Sleep


Current recommendations for sleep range from seven to eight hours per night. Anything less than that can contribute to problems such as lack of focus and concentration, an increased risk of health problems, and mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. According to a survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health, the average person in the UK is under-sleeping by an hour per night. Luxury bedding sets from Guzel Dezayns are designed for aesthetic value and  comfort.

People who get enough sleep at night perform better during the day. This includes children, college students, and working adults of all ages. In order to gain the maximum benefit, make quality sleep a priority in your life. Embroidered bedding that is designed for beauty and comfort can be found in the luxury bedding collections at

How Sleep Improves Mental  Acuity

Sleep affects memory and learning in two different ways. Sufficient sleep is necessary for learning and focus. Without adequate sleep, the ability to focus and learn new information is impaired. This makes it more difficult for children to focus at school and learning suffers. In adults, impaired memory and focus interferes with the ability to perform satisfactorily at work, which may have a negative impact on job performance and career  advancement.

The other way lack of sleep affects memory happens at night when a person is asleep. During sleep, the brain consolidates memories, including new information learned during that day. This mechanism is essential for memories to stick, which allows you to recall information learned on previous days. If you are lacking in sufficient sleep, there is not enough time for the brain to process and consolidate the information and memory will  suffer.

In order to improve memory, focus, and concentration, it is important to get the recommended amount of sleep per night. Anything less than that will reduce your ability to learn and retain new information. Whether you are a student at school or an adult trying to establish your career, it is important to get to bed early and get enough sleep each night.

If you haven’t been getting enough rest and notice that your memory and focus are suffering as a result, consider recommitting yourself to healthy sleep habits. Get to bed on time, avoid light in the bedroom, choose soothing colours for your bedroom décor, and insist on high quality designer bedding, including bed covers & pillow  covers.

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