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Sullivan Alexander, recently interviewed Bill Redfern is CEO and founder of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI)

About the interviewee:

Bill Redfern is CEO and founder of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) based here in the U.S. in Pompano Beach, Fla. He is a seasoned real estate industry executive with more than two decades of experience developing, owning and managing real estate. In addition to his real estate investments and management roles, Redfern worked as a real estate broker for 10 years. ABCHI is the only major home inspection company with a foundation deeply rooted in the real estate industry.

Describe the franchise model including (products or services offered, number of employees, location, type of customers you work with, etc.).

ABCHI is a franchise business meeting the huge demand for home inspections. The company is rapidly expanding throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide, on a path to become the world’s largest home inspection company. By focusing on developing and maintaining local, trust-based relationships with its customers, ABCHI is creating a home inspection business unlike any other. Currently, there are more than 100 franchises across Canada, 25-plus in the United States and dozens more internationally. The company is planning an expansive growth plan, which includes expanding in Houston and across Texas, among other areas nationwide.

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Tell us about the franchise branding, both in terms of customers and franchisees.

ABCHI focuses on developing and maintaining local, trusted relationships with customers and ethical working relationships with realtors in the communities franchisees serve. This helps generate home inspection leads and creates a foundation for years to come. With demand growing for reliable and professional home inspections that publish easy to understand results, the company is filling a void in what is often seen as an ad hoc home inspection industry.

Briefly describe the key franchise systems that have been developed and put in place?

ABCHI franchise units are seeing 15 percent growth in revenue because of the rebounding economy, an improving housing market and ABCHI’s proven business model. With demand growing for reliable and professional home inspections that publish easy to understand results, the company is filling a void in the home inspection industry. Using proprietary software, ABCHI creates comprehensive reports for consumers that help them make more informed decisions about homes they are considering purchasing. A growing number of real estate agents are also partnering with the home inspection service, taking a proactive approach to attract homebuyers to properties.

What do you see as important considerations in selecting a franchisee and what is the initial investment and operating cost profile of a typical franchisee location?


The franchise is ideal for corporate escapees in search of greater work-life balance, an opportunity to work from home in a fast growing sector with unlimited potential; ABCHI offers franchise investors a turnkey operation. According to company estimates, franchisees can earn a healthy living working less than eight hours a day following the ABCHI business model. With few additional startup costs, the total franchise fee is $29,900. The low-cost franchise investment includes training, marketing tools and ongoing support from the home office.

As the franchise expands what do you see as hot button issues?

As a fast-growing North American franchise we are conscious of the fact that as we grow we must be able to consistently offer the training, marketing tools and ongoing support from our corporate office. Our inspectors go through a comprehensive home-study home inspection course followed by an intense two week training program at our corporate office where they experience hand-on live inspection training as well as classroom training, preparing franchisees for full certification and to meet state licensing requirements where applicable. We want to continue to uphold our franchise’s home inspection standards, which go well above and beyond the minimum requirements of most states.

When you look at other franchise options available, describe why this is the next big thing both from a customer and franchisee’s point of view!

Out of the ashes of a burst bubble, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is emerging as a key piece of the puzzle to solve the U.S. housing sector’s recovery. But our ultimate strength as a franchise is grounded in the support we offer our franchisees. It’s the foundation of what we do. We take deep pride in our ability to provide outstanding training, ongoing marketing assistance and a collection of proven processes and systems to help them run their businesses as efficiently as possible.

With housing markets recovering nationwide, entrepreneurs are realizing that there is a prime opportunity to develop a small business plan to help build roots in and benefit their local real estate market. That’s what our franchisees are doing and we are providing them the technical support to fulfill their business ownership dreams.

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