Fun Games You Can Play with the Whole Family


Spending time with the family is always a good way to spend the weekend. There are plenty of fun activities to do with the entire family, from a quick trip to the local zoo to movie marathons and games you can play at home. Fun games that get everyone engaged are really exciting, and we have the best ones to play with the whole family right here in this  article.


Monopoly is still one of the most popular family games of all time. The game is so simple to play and can keep the whole family entertained for hours. There are a lot of variations to choose from too. You can even set your own house rules and share the experience of playing Monopoly with other family  members.

The best variation you can pick up on the market is the Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition. Instead of using paper money, it now uses a debit card and electronic transactions. This version of the game is slightly more expensive than the more conventional variations, but it is well worth the extra cost. You and your family can focus on the exciting parts of the game and have a faster-paced experience in  general.

Traditional Card  Games

You can’t go wrong with traditional card games. All family members can share the excitement of playing Blackjack, Four of a Kind and even a simpler version of Poker. Other card games such as Go Fish offer simpler gameplay that can also keep kids  entertained.

I Doubt It is also a card game you can play with kids. Players discard their cards – beginning with Aces – in turn and other players can guess if the discarded cards are true. For instance, you can lay two cards faced down and other family members will guess if the two cards are what you said they  are.

Aside from traditional card games, you can also use special decks to play games like Uno or Quartet. Card games are generally simple and easy to understand, which means the entire family can have a great time focusing on the game and not trying so hard to understand the  rules.


Another awesome game to play with the rest of the family is Bingo. Bingo is generally good fun, especially when you have a large group playing together. This makes the game very suitable for family weekends, when the grandparents and the uncles are in town. The game is very simple to play  too.

You don’t need to worry about setting up the game. Everyone can use a grid with 25 boxes and arrange their numbers in a way they see fit. You can then use a Bingo app to call the numbers randomly and automatically for each round, allowing every family member to join the excitement since no one needs to be the  caller.

Online Bingo games are also fun. In fact, you can set up a session with other relatives and have a lot of fun playing the game while chatting online. There are plenty of Bingo variations and themes to choose from, so finding one that keeps your kids interested is also very easy to  do.

Heads  Up!

This one game has been very popular since Ellen DeGeneres launched her version of the classic game as iOS and Android apps. The apps also make playing the game very easy to do, since you don’t need to prepare your own game cards to play with.

You start by running the app and selecting a category. The app will then show an answer. The person guessing the answer holds the phone or iPad above his or her head while the rest of the family try to give that person clues to guess  correctly.

The game can be played as a team or as individuals. Parents can team up with their kids and compete for the highest score. There are plenty of categories to choose from too, allowing you to play the game for hours without getting  bored.

These games will make the next weekend you spend with the family that much more exciting. Pick one that you and your kids can enjoy and have tons of fun playing these  games!

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