Get Your Head and Your Business in the Cloud


Cloud computing has been a hot button word in the tech industry for many years, but it has stayed at the forefront of tech innovation for one reason: it’s adapted. Cloud computing is all about fixing real world problems with online-based systems that are customized for your  company.

That being said, here are four common cloud solutions that businesses around the world are utilizing to save time and money. But don’t feel limited to these topics. A great cloud computing company can build anything and everything you could need for your  business.

Analytics: Understand Your Web  Traffic

You may have analytics through your website builder, but you need to know that this data is often far from accurate. Instead, you need to get registered (for free) for Google Analytics to get data on your web traffic. Google Analytics covers information, such as where your visitors are coming from, how long they’re staying and how they’re finding  you.

Pair your analytics tool with a cloud-computing system to help you understand the data, build on the traffic you’re already getting and convert your views into sales. While website builders like Shopify and WordPress and e-commerce sites like Etsy give you highlights of your site’s activity, only Google Analytics can tell you about your Google ranking — and that is what drives new traffic and new customers to your  business.

CRM: Provide Excellent Customer  Service

The point of customer relationship management (CRM) tools is to make your customers feel like royalty without creating a lot of extra work for you. This type of tool automates sending out birthday emails, special deals and abandoned cart reminders. It also helps you remember to make follow-up phone calls and do anything else that a great customer experience requires with your business. For example, Zoho lets you automate your day-to-day activities, connect with your customers through multiple channels and connect with your other business  applications.

HR: Help Your  Employees

Huge corporations like GoDaddy and Google are proving that happy employees are productive ones, and they’re proving it with cookies and ping pong tables. HR cloud computing software can make your employees’ lives more productive and less stressful. With cloud-based software like UltiPro, you can organize your payroll, recruiting, onboarding, benefits, performance reviews, attendance and any other HR function easily in one place. And Software Advice gives it four out of five stars for its ease-of-use, functionality and  quality.

Accounting: Know Where You Are  Financially

If there’s any one thing that few entrepreneurs are passionate about, it’s accounting. This necessary evil has been plaguing startups and mom-and-pop shops for years. Most businesses don’t plan to fail, but rather they fail to plan. And you can’t plan if you don’t know where you’re at financially. This is where the cloud comes in. Online accounting software, like Sage One, gives you regular updates that keep you on track, updated and prepared to make financial decisions. This software has built-in reports and statements that help you know where you are financially, whether you’re in your office on your desktop or on a business trip on your  smartphone.

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