Getting a Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey: Reasons, Benefits and Overall Experience


I first noticed my hair loss when I was about 28 years old, and as I have quite dark hair, the hair loss that I was suffering from became obvious. I tried all kinds of over the counter options including hair loss pills and shampoos, but nothing really worked, at least not on the long term. That’s why I decided to get surgery, and I got a hair transplant in Turkey. The main reason was that I discovered that abroad, it’s much cheaper and the medical tourism is surprisingly accessible these  days.

History of hair transplant in  Turkey

During the last few years, Turkey suffered a political instability, and even if the tourism industry had to endure, the hair transplant procedures made there continued to thrive. There has been a massive growth of the cosmetic surgery industry in Turkey and only in 2015 is was already estimated to be worth between seven and nine billion US dollars. Only the surgical hair restoration is estimated to be responsible for one billion dollars on this revenue. Turkey became practically accountable for up to 30% of all transplant procedures on the  planet.

How and why Turkey became a popular destination for hair  transplant

One of the main reasons for which Turkey performs so many hair transplant procedures are the clinics and the specialists working there. Turkish clinics are also able to provide the surgical procedure at a lower price compared to the US, for instance, because rent and salaries are lower there. The Turkish government offers incentives to stimulate medical tourism, and that’s why the surgical procedure can be provided at more affordable prices. These are the main reasons for which Turkey became the top country in the world for hair  transplants.

What sets hair transplant doctors and technicians in Turkey apart from others
Over the years, Turkey managed to establish a reputation as the go-to destination for affordable hair transplants, and it’s currently attracting thousands of patients from Europe and the Middle East on a monthly basis. The experienced surgeons are doing excellent work, and they are using cutting-edge equipment. These surgeons have performed more operations than any other colleagues from other countries, and with the increasing volume of work, the overall quality of the procedures increased as well. They also have excellent patient care protocols that make the patient feel safe and incredibly well- attended.

My own experience in  Turkey

As I couldn’t afford to get a hair transplant procedure in the UK, I started looking into hair transplants made abroad using medical tourism. Turkey was the most popular destination that was discussed online, and it was not that far away to travel not to mention that the flights are cheap. My experience with the hair transplant procedure from the MCAN Health clinic in Turley went smoothly and flawless. At first, the doctors laid me on the side, and they injected the anesthetic into the back of my scalp so that I wouldn’t feel anything during the procedure. The procedure itself was not painful at all, but the extraction of the follicles was a bit uncomfortable. The surgery took about 7-8 hours and overall, I’m happy with my results, even it has been only seven months. I have no significant scarring, and the final results will be visible in about 12 months, but overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. The doctors at the clinic did a great job just the way top quality plastic surgeons and experienced trichologists should do. MCAN Health provides excellent services and high-quality treatments. One of the best things I was able to enjoy at the clinic was the fact that it offers full insurance. Even if the hair transplant procedure is a relatively safe one, this gives you more confidence. Knowing that the clinic is ready to cover all the potential risks of the smallest possibility of complications, makes you feel more confident and see the overall experience as being more  trustworthy.

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