Helping Vets Transition

By Stars and Stripes, Special for  USDR.

The Stars and Stripes Transition Guide provides servicemen and women with up-to-date information on the coursework within, and outside of, the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) — known as Transition GPS. This straight-from-the-source content takes key components of TAP and expands them into actions that can be taken before, during and after a military-to-civilian  transition.

As Nicole Rice, the Transition Guide editor, explains: “Service members have been, and will continue to receive a ton of information about the Transition Assistance Program throughout their military careers. This guide serves to reiterate, expand and make relevant all of this material. Stars and Stripes aims to make sure that the information we’re providing comes from reliable sources, such as the Department of Labor, Office of Personnel Management and the Small Business Administration. These organizations have made it a #1 priority to help the men and women of our military come home with the knowledge and tools they need to advance in their careers — and so have  we.“

The Transition Guide began distribution in print on May 28, 2015 in Stars and Stripes newspaper editions overseas and on selected military bases in the United States. It is also available online at


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