“Higher Nutrition” takes Health to a New Level

By Luiza Reingatch, Special for  USDR

Interest in a natural path to health and wellness may be at an all time high. “Higher Nutrition” is a new book from author and natural health expert Luiza Reingatch, focused on delivering high quality information regarding all areas of this timely and fascinating subject. The early response from readers has been wildly  enthusiastic.

The fusion between natural health and spirituality is an area that more and more people are exploring everyday. Experts tend to agree, that this type of investigation and experimentation is much more fruitful with a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Fortunately, author and expert in the field Luiza Reingatch recently announced the release of her new book “Higher Nutrition”, a comprehensive look at the art and science of healthy living. The book has been quickly met with a very passionate response from readers impressed not only with the content, but also with the quick results they’ve found from applying its  lessons.

“What I’m offering in ‘Higher Nutrition’ is something quite unique for a book focused on wellness,” Reingatch commented about her work. “First readers will be able to evaluate their current imbalances, even ones that are developing, but have yet to appear. Then using a combination of, health and diet adjustments and spiritual techniques these problems can be resolved and true vibrant health can be embraced. The results are being described as magical again and again. For people searching for ways to educate, empower and elevate themselves, as well as align their body, mind and spirit with their soul purpose and maximize their potential, ‘Higher Nutrition’ offers important  lessons.”

“Higher Nutrition” covers a treasury of natural health, diet, supplement, lifestyle and spiritual practices. Reingatch has picked up this knowledge over a lifetime of experience and practice. Her certifications and qualifications include being a graduate of the Human Ecology Balancing Sciences Program, certified by The Touch For Health Kinesiology Association, trained in homeopathy and a master of Reiki. All this, and more, comes through the pages of “Higher Nutrition” in actionable information that readers are crediting with changing lives for the better quickly and  powerfully.

This reader satisfaction has been evident in discussion and reviews online and  off.

Carey Ibrahimbegovic recently said in a five star Amazon.com review, “Higher Nutrition is a wonderful compilation of various modalities to help balance and heal the body. As a person always on the search of natural ways to calm the mind or boost your immune system, this is a great go-to when seeking knowledge of what to do and how to do it. I highly recommend this  book.”

Currently, “Higher Nutrition” is available both through the Higher Nutrition website and from  Amazon.com

The Higher Nutrition website also features a blog and informative videos all focused on natural health and  spirituality.

Luiza Reingatch is available for interviews, media appearances, presentations and book  signings.

SOURCE Luiza  Reingatch

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