Horror Palace King of All Horrors

By HorrorPalace.com, Special for  USDR

In 2010, out of a deep dark cyber dungeon came what is now fast becoming one of the leading sources for a broad array of horror news, information and entertainment –  HorrorPalace.com.

Upon entering HorrorPalace.com, it is quite apparent that this is no ordinary horror website.  With its own unique style, it presents itself with a flair for dark art and dark  literature.

As an authority on dark artists, the likes of Caravaggio, Goya andHieronymus Bosch are presented in depth, as well as contemporary artists including resident artist  Maximilian.

An extensive amount of horror literature contributes to the “high-brow” horror vein.  Featured are original dark poems and quotes, top ranking horror book reviews presented as according to HorrorPalace.com, “a concise summary of the book providing a description, critical analysis, and evaluation of its significance to all horror  literature.”

For those who enjoy reading horror stories online, HorrorPalace.com has original scary stories with some presented in episodes like a running TV  show.

Though the horror arts are a significant part of HorrorPalace.com, the heart and “evil” soul of horror are movies. Initially, HorrorPalace.com only provided movie reviews on theatrical releases. Now the scope of coverage includes upcoming horror movies, in depth actor biographies and movie analysis. And when it is time to get down to watching a great flick, instead of wading thru the myriad amount of horror movies available, HorrorPalace.com has compiled its own list and review of the scariest movies of all time, and keeps abreast of the best horror movies currently on  Netflix.

As if that is not enough, HorrorPalace.com is going beyond all other horror websites with its own “Scary Movies Channel.” (https://www.horrorpalace.com/scary-movies/)  Included are movie trailers, short films, full movies both free and VOD that will satisfy the most gruesome horror entertainment  cravings.

The “Scary Movies Channel” is growing with original programming being frequently added from both HorrorPalace.com and independent producers. Producers and directors are able to submit their own movies for publicity or for pay per view. “I see this becoming the ‘Netflix’ of horror,” claims Ivan Karhoff, Director of  HorrorPalace.com.

No horror related enterprise could ignore the popularity of Halloween.  Broadening its reach into the Halloween market, last year, HorrorPalace.com introduced its own Halloween Radio station “RadioHalloween.com.” However, the name may be a little misleading because throughout the year, RadioHalloween.com plays a broad range of horror entertainment including not only scary Halloween songs, but all types of horror related music.  Much of the music is original by HorrorPalace.com recording artists. Mixed in with the music are scary ghost stories, dark poems and radio theater. Overtones of dry British wit contribute to a classic horror  atmosphere.

Listeners can get directly involved and be on the air by calling in on the toll free number. Nearly anything horror related is acceptable, paranormal experiences, ghost stories or even a good Halloween/horror joke, all of which will be played on the  air.

As an internet craze, HorrorPalace.com could not ignore Creepy Pasta.  Here readers can get creeped out or creep others out with creepy stories, creepy facts & quotes, urban legends, and paranormal stories.  HorrorPalace.com seasons the “Pasta” by frequently adding pictures, audio and video to the  submissions.

HorrorPalace.com also has an online store carrying original horror games, dark art, horror music, Halloween music,Halloween/horror decorations, and horror gifts.  (https://www.horrorpalace.com/shop/)

“We are rapidly expanding our horror kingdom reign, and from what is to come, I can say, this is only the beginning of scary.” Ivan  Karhoff

SOURCE  HorrorPalace.com

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