Housemates, Bugs, and Rodents

Many times young people must find housemates to help them afford a living space while in college or as a recent graduate. This has become a common occurrence as the cost of rent and utilities continue to rise and so does the cost of higher education. It is very important to vet your potential housemates before moving in. You need to make sure your friends not only pay their bills on time but that they are not slobs. I was not that thorough when I decided to live with my buddies right after college.

Living With Housemates After College

After living with my friends for about six months, I realized that my friends were not very good housekeepers. In fact, I was the only one that seemed to know how to do a dish, throw things away, or do laundry. This was frustrating, but it was not until the day I saw something run across the room out of the corner of my eye before I decided that I needed a lifestyle change. I called a house meeting and let everyone know that they will start cleaning up after themselves and appointed chores for everyone. I declared that if anyone did not do their part then they would be out. We all decided that, since we had a pest problem, we would call Moxie services and split the cost three ways.

What To Do If You See Pests In Your Home

To get rid of the pests in the home and to keep any more from getting in, we teamed up to pest proof our home to the best of our ability. There are a variety of ways to do this. We did our research and found an article that told us how to keep pests out of the home. The first thing that we did was call the exterminator. This should always be the first thing to do so that you can make sure all pest and their eggs are removed before you begin preventative work. Here are a few things to do after your exterminator comes:

  • Lay pest traps in high traffic areas
  • Check pets for fleas and ticks
  • Seal areas in your home that allow pests to get in.

Pest traps can be humane or can kill pests swiftly. Deciding on the type of trap you want is a personal decision. Humane traps will allow the pest to live and keep it contained while you transfer it to a place safely away from your home. Many people prefer humane traps so that the creature does not have to suffer during the extermination process.

As for checking your pets for ticks and fleas, this will go along way for keeping pest out of your home. Pets need to be washed and brushed routinely. Pets also need to have flea, tick, and heartworm preventive. This can be purchased over the counter, but it is available through your vet if you need help choosing the right one for you.

When sealing up areas in your home that may allow pests to get in, take care to notice gaps and openings in your home. Do not forget to check pipes that are under the cabinets, tubs, and sinks. Sometime contractors will take shortcuts and leave holes in these areas too big for the pipe. You should also check cable line holes, phone jacks, and cracks under the outside doors. These are all common areas for pests to come in. Do not forget to check each exterior wall for any blemishes that may need to be sealed.

Pests Are Not a New Issues For People

People have been dealing with pest issues since the dawn of time. Research shows that they were even around to plague the dinosaurs. We have had plenty of time to learn what works and what does not work in getting rid of these nuisances. Some of the basic solutions involve cleanliness of the environment. Trash needs to be in containers with tight-fitting lids. Food needs to be stored in airtight containers and kept off the floor. Spills should be wiped up and properly disinfected. Dishes should be rinsed and cleaned as soon as possible. Homes should be swept and mopped regularly, and pets should be kept clean.

If you follow these steps, your home should be a place where pests no longer dwell, and that will make everyone happy.

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