How Social Media is Reshaping Business


Thought-leader David F. Giannetto has released his latest book “Big Social Mobile, How Digital Initiative Can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results” (Palgrave Macmillan), presenting the first enterprise-level insight into how digital initiatives such as big data, social media and mobile technology, can and should connect with enterprises objectives, process, technology and data to create tangible and meaningful results.  The book draws upon his work helping some of today’s most iconic brands implement the latest techniques and technologies to establish deeper and more profitable connections with consumers. Giannetto demonstrates why organizations such as the American Management Association, Business Finance Magazine and Consumer Goods Technology Magazine have listed him as a thought-leader by breaking these complex subjects down into understandable terms that business leaders can understand, connect with and apply. He skillfully shows how these initiatives are all part of one larger movement affecting how organizations must operate to remain competitive in what he calls the new ‘social economy’ populated by ‘social consumers’ that are increasingly more savvy and demanding.

Long known for his hands-on work with clients, Giannetto not only gives his readers a firm understand of the basics, benefits and what’s at stake for them, he has gone to extra lengths to help readers turn their own organization into “Big Social Mobile Enterprises” by adding thought-provoking and action-prompting questions into each section of the narrative.  The end result is the first methodology business leaders and specialized practitioners can adopt to connect some of today’s hottest topics—omni-channel, content management, intelligent BPM, digital & predictive-marketing—to traditional process and profit-oriented objectives that are on the minds of executives today.

Ken Wincko, SVP of PR Newswire says: “Big Social Mobile is a valuable guide for learning how to think critically and holistically about how marketing, public relations and social interactions can go well beyond their traditional roles to drive business growth. Giannetto shows you how to interweave technology and insight into the fabric and substance of every part of your business, while not forgetting the value of a traditional perspective.  Big Social Mobile is necessary reading for succeeding in today’s digital world.”

In his first award-winning book, The Performance Power Grid (Wiley),Giannetto presented the first enterprise-level methodology using business intelligence technology to show how information is the key to achieving sustainable superior performance, outpacing their competition and establishing operational excellence. In Big Social Mobile he steps outside of the enterprise to show how digital initiatives (social media, mobile, websites and data these initiatives generate) are influencing organizational performance and how companies can use new methods and technologies to create one overall picture of their performance, operations and consumer interactions across both the physical and digital landscapes—seamlessly connecting them to traditional objectives and goals.

About the Author
David F. Giannetto
is widely recognized as one of the most influential thought-leaders at the intersection of all things information.  Working with some of today’s leading brands he provides both the technology and methodology necessary to create, understand and utilize information to improve performance. He has been listed as a thought-leader by the American Management Association, Business Finance Magazine and Consumer Goods Technology Magazine and is the author of Big Social Mobile (Palgrave Dec 2014) and the award winning The Performance Power Grid (Wiley, 2006). His hands-on experience managing within the Fortune 2000 and as a consultant has created his reputation as one of few speakers, writers and practitioners who can make complex theory actionable methods, creating tangible results, driving differentiation, influencing consumer behavior and creating sustainable superior performance. He is a writer for the American Management Association and the Huffington Post, and is SVP at Salient Management Company.

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