How to Build Grit and Perseverance in Academics

By Staff Development for Educators, Special for  USDR

Staff Development for Educators (SDE), one of the nation’s leading providers of professional development for K-12 educators, announced the release of the new book Grit To Go: Classroom-Ready Resources to Motivate Growth Mindset by education-leader and best-selling author Jim Grant, Caleb Grant, and Joyce McGreevy. The book for educators of grades 3-8 offers classroom-ready resources geared to motivate students through strategies that are easily incorporated into existing  curriculum.

As the book explains, the word “grit” is often used as an umbrella term to describe being resilient, persistent, and having the will to deal with and overcome obstacles. Because learning is often a challenge, a student’s grit can make the difference between failing and making the grade. Students who develop grit can improve their academic performance through strengthened resiliency and perseverance. Grit traits, identified in the book, become good habits that enable students to persist in the face of adversity, setbacks, and disappointments when pursuing their goals in school and  out.

“Although there are no true standards or assessment for the acquisition or application of ‘grit’,” explains Jim Grant, “it is critical to join the discussion on how best to help students develop a growth mindset and what strategies work for teaching and fostering grit with our  students.”

Grant believes the grit and growth mindset movement is more of an initiative rather than an education reform. “Grit is a low-prep, high-impact initiative that is easily integrated in existing programs,” continues Grant. “This initiative requires a small time commitment and minimal funding. Teachers are well aware that many education reforms tend to be more top-down, complex mandates orchestrated by people who don’t actually have to do it themselves! For reforms to work teachers need to buy-in to the concept, make a firm commitment, and secure additional funding—the latter two are often in short  supply.”

“Grit resonates with teachers and parents and is viewed as one way within one’s sphere of influence to counter some trends they feel are not healthy for their children and shore up the character traits they value dearly,” says  Grant.

Although grit is not an academic skill, the good news according to the book is that it can be taught in school, not as an add-on, but through strategies that can be easily incorporated into an existing curriculum. Grit To Go provides a roadmap for how to go gritty in the classroom, and the classroom strategies to get teachers, and their students,  there.

Also available from SDE Professional Development Resources is the K-8 student companion book by Jim and Caleb Grant, What Gritty Kids Do When No One Is Looking, a colorful picture book that provides an engaging look at kids representing 13 key characteristics of grit in their everyday lives. This unique combination of art and text makes the book perfect as a read-aloud for younger children, a read-with and read-by for older kids, and a great discussion starter for middle school students through  adults.

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SOURCE Staff Development for  Educators

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