How to Find the Right Entertainer for Your Event

Putting together an event, whether private, corporate, or non-profit, can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect venue and the right menu is not enough. You need to plan for your event intensely to create a unique and memorable experience.

You can achieve this by finding the best entertainment for your event. When you hire a band or an entertainer, you should expect two things. They can either make the night memorable or ruin it by performing awkwardly in front of your guests.

Choosing the right entertainer requires careful planning and in-depth research. Before you start looking for an entertainer, ensure that you identify your event’s ideal type of entertainment.

For example, if you only require background entertainment for your event, then a small and unpopular band will be okay. On the other hand, you will need to hire a popular band if your event is all about entertainment. The right entertainer should keep your guests entertained until the end.

Consider Your Guests

When looking for an entertainer for your event, ensure that you prioritize your guests’ entertainment taste. Most people, when hosting an event, consider their taste, which is wrong. Even though you cannot please everyone, try to please as many guests as possible. Knowing the age range of your guest can help you choose the right entertainer.

Comedians, niche musical bands, and circus acts are hit-and-miss with any given crowd. Instead, you should hire a popular musical act to cover songs from all decades. Consequently, your guests will dance, sing along, and enjoy your event.

Consider Your Budget

Even though it is essential to have quality entertainment at your event, it is advisable to consider your budget. If you want quality entertainment, you will have to pay higher fees.

Therefore, before hiring an entertainer, make sure you ask how much they charge and for what services. As a result, you will know what to expect during the event. You can also ask for a price estimate from several entertainers to help you choose the one that fits your budget.

Research Your Options

Before settling on a particular entertainer, ensure that you adequately research your options. If you are not sure which entertainer to hire, do not hesitate to ask for recommendations. However, if you are planning a corporate event, it will be unreasonable to ask for recommendations from a club owner.

You can also ask the entertainer you want to hire for references. It will help you know if they have performed before and were. Do not accept photos or MP3 audio as proof of their ability.

Ensure That You Sign a Contract

In most cases, an entertainer will have a written contract ready. If not, you can write one up, but ensure that it is clear and detailed. If the entertainer doesn’t want to offer an agreement, you shouldn’t hire them.

Only sign the contract if you understand its terms. A detailed contract should contain the following information:

• The event venue

• Date and time of the event

• The fees

• The name and contact information of all entertainers

• A playlist

• The party responsible for equipment

• Deposit amount and other payments

• A backup plan in case some entertainer doesn’t show up.

Have a Backup Plan

When organizing an event, you also need to have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens. For example, what will you do when the entertainer you hired does not show up, or technical issues arise?

A backup plan will help you avoid such inconveniences. For instance, you should have a standby generator in case the electricity goes out. It would be best if you also had a backup entertainer if your first choice doesn’t show up.

The above are tips to help you find the right entertainer for your event. Consequently, you will host an event worth remembering. Alternatively, you can hire a professional event planner to find the right entertainer on your behalf.

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