How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

You’ve decided to get a storage unit, but you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. This makes sense since you are spending some cash to rent it out, and the following tips should help you achieve this.

Frequently Used Items

One thing you want to do is separate the items you use often versus the items you don’t. Place frequently used items near the front of the storage and everything you don’t use in the back. This is something folks don’t always think about, and it makes it hard to go through your stuff later on.

You don’t want to take everything out of storage to get one item you need. This is not only tiring but time-consuming. You can manage your time more efficiently with some organization, which will allow you to take care of more important tasks in your day.

Start at the Edges

The next thing you want to work on is proper placing. Start placing items at the edges of the unit. First, you want to place things in the back and on the sides. Try to leave room in the middle of the storage space.

The reason you are doing this is to have a path into your storage space. Even a small path should give you access to most of the items in your unit. You don’t want to have to reach over boxes, which is not only uncomfortable but could put you at risk of hurting yourself. This also helps you see if there are any spiders or other things in your path that you can’t see.

Labeling is a Big Deal

You want to make sure you label everything you’ll be placing in your unit. You are doing this to make life easier when you have to return. No matter how many times you come back, you are probably going to forget what’s in every box.

If you are looking for something in particular, it’ll be easier to know which box might have it. If your boxes are not labeled, you might be forced to open up every box. You don’t need to waste your time this way, especially when all you have to do is label your boxes. Be sure to label each side of the box. You don’t know how you’ll be placing the box in your unit, so it’s best to see what each box contains from every side.

Create Sections

This one might be a little time-consuming, but it’ll help make things easier for you. What you’ll be doing is creating sections in your unit to keep things where they belong. For example, you’ll want to create a section for kitchen items and another for living room things.

You may want to create a section for holiday things or a section for a specific person in your family. You could also store all fragile things in one section of your storage. This should prevent you from accidentally breaking something or harming yourself when reaching in a box. Creating sections should make it easier to find items you need. Take your time to figure out what kind of sections you need.

Create a List

Those who have the time may want to consider creating a list of each item that is in your storage boxes. This should make it easier to find what you need. There’s no need to worry about what is inside your unit and what’s not.

This is definitely going to take some time, but it’ll save you time later on. You can store all of this information on your smartphone or cloud-based file that you can access at any time.

These are just some things you can do to get the most out of your storage unit. Try to get some help while doing all of these things because it will take some time.

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