How to Have a Greener Lawn This Summer

A beautiful green lawn is a great way to improve the look of your home. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to keep the grass green during the summer. The hot weather can wreak havoc on the lawn if you are not careful. This will leave you with an ugly brown yard. These are the eight things you must do in order to have a green lawn this summer.

Water Once a Week

Your watering methods play a huge role in the health of your lawn. While the grass needs water to survive, you also do not want to give it too much water. It is best to only water the lawn once a week. This will force the grass to create a deep root system, which will ultimately make the lawn stronger and healthier. If it recently rained a lot, then you can skip the lawn watering for that week.

Water in the Morning

The time you water the lawn is just as important as the amount of water used. It is crucial that you only water the lawn early in the morning. The grass is not able to properly absorb the water at night. This leads to a soggy lawn that will breed bacteria. Watering in the afternoon is also not ideal because the hot sun will cause the water to quickly evaporate. If you are unwilling to wake up early to water, then you should invest in a timed sprinkler system.

Fertilize the Lawn

Just like the other plants in your yard, grass needs fertilizer to stay healthy. The fertilizer will supply extra nutrients to the grass, which will help it keep its beautiful green color. It is best to fertilize the lawn roughly every six weeks, so you will only have to do it twice during the summer. You will want to make sure there are no loose lawn clippings on the yard before starting the fertilization process.

Do Not Cut Grass Short

It is very important that you do not cut your grass too short during the summer. While this will reduce the number of times you have to mow in the hot weather, it will also lead to a brown lawn. The sun will quickly dry out the grass if it is too short. Cutting the lawn too low can also damage the root system of the grass. Raise the blades on the mower and cut the grass once a week.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

The quality of your mower plays a big role in the appearance of your lawn. Dull mower blades tear the grass instead of making precise cuts. If this is repeatedly done over a short period of time, then the grass will become severely damaged. You will never be able to keep damaged grass green. Cutting with an old mower is perfectly fine. Just make sure the blades are always extremely sharp.

Manually Remove Weeds

Every lawn is bound to get a few pesky weeds. It is vitally important that you remove these weeds by hand every time they pop up. Using a store-bought weed killer may be a lot easier, but it will lead to an uglier lawn. The chemicals in the weed killer will cause a lot of damage to the grass. Since it is impossible to spray weed killer without getting it all over the lawn, it is best to just manually remove the weeds.

Aerate the Lawn

Grass needs a lot of oxygen to stay healthy. While the top layer of grass will get plenty of air, the deep layers need a little help to get their required oxygen. The easiest way to improve the oxygen levels of your grass is by aerating the lawn. All you have to do is stick the garden into the lawn to create small holes. This should be done in six-inch intervals until the entire lawn is covered. These perforations will also help the lawn absorb more water.

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