How To Improve The Productivity Of Your Workforce

Every business operation revolves around people, processes, and technology. However, among these 3, the most important is the people and this is why the growth of your company is entirely dependant on the nature of your employees. Therefore as an employer, it is always advisable to influence your employees’ habits so that they can be more productive at work. For instance, by employing absence tracking techniques.

Below are the ways of improving employee productivity at work:    

Give out incentives

Simple gift cards for your employees can work wonders in changing the workspace atmosphere. Such gifts should not necessarily focus on the monetary perspectives, but instead, portray the overarching goal that all employees are trying to achieve for the company. Needless to say, when you recognize the work well done, you give the employee a reason to be more efficient at work. 

It also necessary that when deciding to give gifts to your employees, take into account their individual needs. Some employees like to be appreciated in public, while others may go for a private and special thank you. Other incentives you can try include a paid time off instead of a bonus or a raise, team eat-outs, where you take your team out for lunch or dinner. Moreover, you can implement a wellness program to reduce for instance the number of sick days and reduce your business health insurance spend.      

Delegate duties

Delegating duties can sometimes be viewed as a risky undertaking but provides increased responsibility, which is critical for boosting morale and job satisfaction for your staff. Therefore make an effort to give responsibilities to qualified employees that have proven work ethic and success in a specific line of your business niche. You also need to believe that they can perform their tasks to your expectations.           

Create a family atmosphere

It is not necessarily about treating your employees as you would treat your family. It is an undeniable fact that even if we disagree with immediate and extended family members, we still have their best interests at heart. Similarly, it is appropriate to show that you care for your employees and that despite how you view them, you still have their backs and would fight for them. Such a strategy can help you in building an invincible team that will take your business to new frontiers of profitability.


Give feedback to employees

Encouraging employees to ask for feedback provides clarity into areas they might need assistance and also promotes an open-dialogue culture in your company. Also, as a business owner, being self-aware of your employee’s capability improves employee management and helps you to gauge whether they have slacked in their performance or not. This is why performance reviews are necessary. Combine this with individual meetings to apprise them of the areas they are doing well, and those that they might need to improve on. Such an initiative can go a long way in bolstering employee performance.        

Match tasks to skills

One crucial facet for bolstering employee productivity is aligning tasks to their relevant expertise. An excellent example of this would be giving an extroverted and out of the box thinker the marketing job since they will be great at pitching your product ideas to potential clients. On the contrary, giving a detail-oriented job role to such a person may prove to be less effective.

It is, therefore, vital that you only assign roles that are best suited for your employees. This will help in reducing the legwork on having to repeat tasks because the person assigned was not the perfect fit for such a role.

Train and develop employees

The employee will be more productive if they are well trained to tackle different job roles. Without proper corporate training, the employees might end up feeling confused and frustrated, and this may negatively impact their productivity. The belief that employees will learn on the job can sometimes not work out and may lead to haphazardly completed tasks because there was zero guidance. You can decide to spare a day to impart on these employees the necessary skills that will aid them in accomplishing the business tasks on their own.

Beyond the initial training, impress upon employees the need to constantly upskill. This is because having a pool of employees with an advanced skill set will benefit the company in the long run. Other ways to encourage employee development are through seminars, coaching, courses, and mentoring. 


If employees are convinced that the management has their best interest at heart, they are likely to be more productive and more fulfilled. Therefore, increase employee productivity by giving out incentives, delegating duties, creating a family atmosphere, treating employees equally, giving feedback to employees, matching tasks to skills as well as training and developing employees.

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