How to Lighten the Back-to-School Load for Moms and Kids? Check this List:


There’s a reason kids may soon be whining about going back-to-school. What’s in their backpacks is giving them backaches! Momtrends Founder, author, and former Ralph Lauren fashion exec, Nicole Feliciano, shared some smart tools for school: so we don’t break our kids’ backs or the bank! Experts suggest we should limit what they carry to 10-20%.  In a 50-60 pound grade-schooler, that’s as little as a couple of textbooks and lunch, so design and fit is  key.

There are ways to lighten their load: choose lightweight, nutritious snacks, and reusable containers. Print out only the chapters they need so they can write on it – meaning fewer notebooks needed. Fill the water bottle up at school, not before you head out the door and get a back-up charger to leave at  school.

The Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank is convenient and economic. It’s cartridge-free, and comes with enough ink for up to two years of printing – or 6,500 color pages. That’s 13 reams of paper! The low cost replacement bottles are just $12.99 each, so instead of buying 20 ink-cartridge sets, you simply buy replacement bottles and stop worrying about running out of ink at an inconvenient  time.

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Buy tech gear and other school needs at office suppliers. The best deals are online, but in general, office suppliers give you real savings and you can buy online, get loyalty rewards, services and shipping for  free.

Laptops like the 15-inch Dell i3552 start as low as $229 for back to school at Staples, with 30 days of free tech  support.

Don’t forget devices that help the whole  family.

The D-Link AC 1900 EXO Wi-Fi router provides superfast Wi-Fi even when running multiple devices at once, and is a great choice for college students and younger kids at home for HD streaming and lag-free gaming.  Available for $150 at retailers or at

Well-rested kids do better at school, sports and life. Give them the best possible sleep with the SleepIQ Kids™ bed. It lets you know how your child is sleeping and the adjustments you can make to improve their sleep. So they can be their best every  day.

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