How to Maintain not Gain During Holiday Season

By AcaciaTV, Special for  USDR

While most people think of holiday weight gain as something that begins with Thanksgiving, the fact is that 81 percent of parents confess to taking candy from their kids’ Halloween haul. Each year, Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween, including 90 million pounds of chocolate (National Confectioner Association). The time to get a plan in place to prevent holiday weight gain is now! The average person gains about a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, studies show. Since most don’t lose that pound, after a decade they’ve got 10 extra pounds stubbornly clinging to their waistline. The AcaciaTV Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge is designed to get anyone through the high-risk weight gain season without adding an ounce! This five point plan, designed by top experts in fitness, motivation and nutrition, is available to anyone at  The best part? With their extended 3-month trial between now and the end of the year anyone can join the challenge and use AcaciaTV for free!!! Use the code: 3MONTHSTOFIT to start now. Of course, stuffing happens but, with AcaciaTV’s help, yule  survive!

Each week participants in the AcaciaTV Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge will get the tools they need to maintain, not gain. The five point plan provides everything needed  to:

Move – AcaciaTV contributors Benjamin Allen (of Groove3) and CeCe Olisa (AKA the Plus Sized Princess) will post new express workout videos, each designed to burn calories and blast fat. Fitness expert Alison Heilig will also post workout recommendations from AcaciaTV’s streaming on demand library of over 450 fitness  routines.

Eat – Smart and simple holiday eating strategies will be shared based on the Cornell Food Psychology Lab’s award winning  research.

Be Mindful – Mindfulness expert Kate Hanley will share her best tips for staying aware of eating, workout and lifestyle habits to help anyone maintain the good ones and shed the bad  ones.

Enjoy Life – The AcaciaTV team will reveal the best strategies for adapting holiday habits to painlessly prevent weight  gain.

Be rewarded! – Participants will be able to follow their progress with AcaciaTV’s tracking system,. They will find support and motivation from their members-only Facebook page and they will be eligible for great prizes and  giveaways.

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