How to Spend that Last $20

By Urgent First Aid, Special for  USDR

Made in America, the Urgent First Aid™ ANSI first aid kit exceeds most State and Federal OSHA requirements and meets the tough new ANSI Z308.1 Standards for workplace first aid – most first aid kits purchased prior to June fail to meet the new guidelines. At just $19.99 (or less) this business and industrial first aid kit is built in California under strict FDA guidelines and blows the China-made competition out of the water by adding a 48-page full color OSHA & ANSI first aid book, a rubber gasket for moisture resistance, and higher quality first aid  components.

“It was hard work, beating low pricing of imported first aid kits,” explains Chad Balash, co-founder of the Urgent First Aid™ brand. “We gathered together the best, most experienced US first aid manufacturers and suppliers to hash out component contents, supply chain, and kit-building processes over and over until we could assure the best quality and beat, not just meet the pricing of China-Made and India-Made first aid kits flooding the market.” continues Balash. “We were determined to provide the quality products we believe in, include value-added extras, keep the labor here in the United States, and still somehow come to market under the $20 mark. We did  it.”

All businesses are required to have compliant first aid kits fully stocked and accessible in the workplace. Urgent First Aid™ believes that the kit content should be of real use when needed as well. Too many companies are reaching out for inexpensive imported first aid kits that technically meet the regulations, but are filled with bandages that don’t adhere, wipes that are dried out when opened for use, and instructions that meet the requirements in principle but are of little or no practical use when  required.

The Urgent First Aid™ kit and cabinet cases are all manufactured in the USA, and the components, while a mix of foreign and domestic products, are all stringently tested for quality and assembled into the kits using a domestic workforce to keep the majority of the dollars from product sales in the US economy supporting American households and families. “We even silk-screen our first aid kits and cabinets and print our first aid books here in California,” says Chad Balash, “while we couldn’t be price-competitive with 100% US made content (and in fact there are no remaining US suppliers of some of the required content items) we insist on sourcing every piece of product and every bit of labor we can locally. With our name on the product we vowed to assemble in an FDA certified facility – not some dusty warehouse.” Urgent First Aid™ even offers free custom US silk-screening for companies wanting their own logo or message on the first aid  kits.

US first aid resellers began offering this easy first aid compliance solution immediately upon release. It can be purchased today at Amazon,, American CPR Training™,,, and other suppliers. This Under-$20 Urgent First Aid™ kit is designed for up to 25 people, many employers will place multiple units around the workplace complying with the maxim that first aid supplies (like AEDs) should be available within a 3 minute round trip from any spot on the premises. The Urgent First Aid™ line also offers other made-in-USA first aid kits and cabinets for 50 to 200 persons, as well as “ANSI Class B” First aid solutions for higher risk environments such as those involving machinery and  fabrication.

SOURCE Urgent First  Aid

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