How to Stay Healthy Over Vacation

By Robyn Benson, Special for  USDR

Whether for business or pleasure, leaving home with its familiar foods, environments and routines can be a rewarding experience. However, travel can also be dangerous to one’s health, with new threats popping up all the time. The Zika virus is a prime example. Travelers may also encounter other prevalent hazards such as toxic jet fuels, radiation, pesticides, food poisoning and jet  lag.

Robyn Benson, a doctor of oriental medicine and health and travel expert who has visited more than 70 countries, is on a mission to improve the health and well-being of everyone who travels in 2016 and beyond. She says we invite illness when we travel when we are stressed, dehydrated, eat too much junk food, and have low levels of zinc, magnesium and Vitamins A and  C.

Benson has just published Travel With Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions for Sleeping Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness, a pocket-sized update of her earlier bestselling, comprehensive book, The Healthy Conscious  Traveler.

An experienced talk show guest who has also been featured in many print publications, she can answer such questions  as:

  • What precautions should women in their childbearing ages take against the Zika virus?
  • What are the top six travel hazards you have identified? How can you avoid them?
  • How can you protect yourself from the neuro-virus on cruise ships?
  • Which powerful essential oil should no traveler leave home without?
  • What are your top tips for preventing jet lag?
  • What steps can you take to build super immunity?

About the  Author

Robyn Benson, DOM, is founder of the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health and the pioneer of the Self-Care Revolution. For 24 years, this author, speaker, adventure enthusiast and world traveler has helped patients achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health. She brings a wealth of services for good health to travelers including acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and leading-edge energy medicine and technology.

SOURCE Robyn  Benson

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