How to View My Previously Liked Posts on Instagram

While most social networks enable users to easily find the previous posts they have liked, Instagram does not. In fact, after you the heart button on a video or photo post, you won’t definitely see it again. Unless you copy the post URL and keep it somewhere accessible. But it turns out that there’s a place in Instagram where you can find you previously liked posts. Let’s get into it.

Recently Liked Instagram Posts: Where to Find Them?

Sign in to your account and click the user icon to navigate to your profile. On the top right corner, click the gear icon to access your settings. Afterward, scroll down and select “Posts You’ve Liked” which is an option under “Account”. You can view everything you’ve recently liked in a grid/thumbnail layout as well as in feed/full layout if you prefer.

Unlike other social networks, Instagram chose to keep your feed simple and with less clutter so it has hidden your liked posts in one place. For some reasons, going back to posts you recently liked also has advantages and importance. Here are some of those:

Search for new accounts to follow on the Explore tab.

Get back to read a long caption after liking the posts without reading it.

Read new comments added after you liked the posts for important discussions that interest you.

Drop comments on a post you previously liked.

Reviewing useful details on a post you liked without checking the full information. This includes a contest, a product, a service, a recipe, and a whole lot more.

Apparently, liking a post doesn’t only mean you approve their content. It is a helpful way to bookmark posts that are valuable and interesting enough for you to revisit again and again.

Importance of Instagram Like

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