How Will Brock Lesnar’s Retirement From UFC Affect the WWE?


Brock Lesnar has announced his retirement from the UFC, and that means he has more time available in his schedule. Official announcement is here. But how is he going to fill that time? Is he going to spend more time in the WWE? Is he going to spend his time relaxing on the beach some  where?

A lot of WWE fans hate the fact that Brock Lesnar was champion while being a part-time wrestler. Does his retirement from the UFC mean we will see more Brock Lesnar title runs, or is his time in the main event  fading?

With WrestleMania 33 coming up, he is slated to face off with Goldberg. Check out the rematch specifics here. For some fans, this is the match of their dreams, but for others, they remember the WrestleMania 20 matchup that was a horrible dud. More recently, they have faced off at the Survivor Series, where Goldberg won in a whopping 1 minute and 26  seconds.

Then last month at the Royal Rumble, Goldberg eliminated Lesnar fairly quickly. After that, it was pretty much locked in that they would face off at WrestleMania. But what about after Mania? What are Lesnar’s plans  then?

Lesnar will probably win the matchup at WrestleMania so that the series is a little bit more even. What will Lesnar do after WrestleMania? The WWE will probably put him into a feud with someone like John Cena or even possibly Kevin  Owens.

Personally, a feud with Kevin Owens would be something new and fresh. The only issue here, is if Lesnar is still wrestling only part time. If he ends up coming back to full time, and he had Paul Heyman doing his talking, a feud with K.O. would be phenomenal. Even reviews by sportsbook review would be raving with a feud like  this.

A feud with Owens could lead to some explosive matchups, and it could also lead to a possible title change. If Owens stays the Universal Champion through WrestleMania, and Lesnar defeats Goldberg, the entire landscape of the WWE could  change.

Let’s say they both win and Lesnar goes full time. If Lesnar gets put into a feud with Owens, and wins the title, Lesnar would look like a monster again. When he first returned, he looked unstoppable, and then he ended the Undertaker’s Mania streak. He did all of those things while being a part-timer. Imagine what the WWE would do with him if he comes back full  time.

The way Goldberg has been almost feuding with Jericho and Owens, makes it seem like the WWE might be trying to set something up between the two of them, and that leaves Owens without a real feud, unless it is all a ploy to get a Jericho-Owens  matchup.

Another great option that could work, is having Lesnar put over some more fresh talent, but do it on a full time basis, with a long feud. Someone that could happen with would be Finn Balor. Balor has been injured for awhile now, but having him return to face The Beast Incarnate the night after WrestleMania could be a good way to make them both look  strong.

As long as Lesnar is in the WWE, they will book him to look reasonably strong. The only exception was against a returning Goldberg, who they had to make look just as strong as Lesnar did when he first returned to setup the WrestleMania match. If the WWE does have something in the cards with a Balor vs Lesnar match, the night after WrestleMania makes the most sense. Lesnar could be still beat up from his match against a dominant Goldberg, and Balor could take out a legitimate monster. It could end up being a great  feud.

Ultimately though, nothing is going to change with the WWE in regards to Lesnar unless he signs as a full time competitor. If anything, they will have him putting over talent, which isn’t Brock’s most favorite thing to do. It would be best to have him sign full time and become a beast  again.

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