Ideal Location for Stay in Mykonos

A basic parameter for unforgettable vacations is picking the perfect accommodation for you. It may be a time consuming progress but it surely is a pleasant one.

Mykonos has a big number of accommodation venues to choose from and each has its pros and cons. Here are some ideas to help you choose what will be the best for you and your travel partners.

  • Choose best location according to your needs

First of all, you must think about what you will need regarding your accommodation. For example, if you need to have everything near you, you should probably stay in Chora. Chora is the capital city of Mykonos and is the center of day and night life of the island. This means you will be able to find anything – from a super market to a hairdresser – within a walking distance. But it also means you may have a lot of noise, as nights in Mykonos are full of parties.

If you visit Mykonos by car or if you plan to rent one there, you may choose a room or a Mykonos Villa outside the town. Hotels and Villas are everywhere on the island, mostly around Chora or near the beautiful southern beaches.

If you prefer a balance between convenience and privacy, a good solution would be to rent a room or a suite in a hotel resort or a villa in a villa complex. They usually have their own restaurants and bars, gyms and spas and a lot of services.

  • Accommodation with view (sunset or sea view)

You will find out that rooms and Villas Mykonos with a sunset or a sea view are more expensive but it is really worth it. Sunset in Mykonos is idyllic and you will have great moments enjoying the spectacular colors from your balcony, especially if you are visiting the island with your other half.

Accommodation with a sea view is easier to be found, as Mykonos is small and the sea is all around it. If you are a romantic person try to find both. The best areas for this are the western and some west – southern beaches, such as Agios Ioannis, Agios Stefanos and Tourlos. From Agios Ioannis beach you will have a clear view to the islets of Delos and Rhinia, which is marvelous spectacle during the sunset.

  • Waterfront Villas

Another wonderful place to stay is a Mykonos Villa right on the beach. In some cases, you will even have your own private beach. Villas are highly recommended for those who want privacy, luxury for small or big groups of friends.

One thing you should take care of, if you are planning to stay in a villa, is your transportation which will be more carefree if you rent a bike, a car, a boat or a van.

You will find out that living in a waterfront villa is really unique, amazing and relaxing and you will have a great time with your friends or family. The sea is right in front of you and you can just dive into the crystal clear waters whenever you want.

  • Virgin areas – east side (Lia, Agrari, Fokos)

If you like to bond with nature during your vacations, you should visit – or even stay – at one of these virgin beaches. They are all located on the east side of Mykonos and have relatively few visitors.

Agrari and Fokos are serene, sandy beaches with very few facilities and without any sunbeds or umbrellas. They both have only one restaurant.

Lia is a little more organized, with two restaurants, one diving center and some sunbeds available for rent. It still remains one of the most pristine and quiet beaches, as the lack of amenities and the distance from Chora discourage many people to visit it.

For your accommodation you will find some villas in a small distance from the sea and some hotels. Villa Nautilia and Mini Lia Beach hotels are located in Lia area, Sunrise is the only hotel in Agrari and Fokos has no hotels, just rooms and villas for rent. Whichever option you choose, you will definitely relax away from the noisy crowds that you find in more touristic areas of Mykonos!

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