Improving the Physician-Patient Experience

By Better Day Health, Special for  USDR

Better Day™ Health (, a provider of interoperable software and services for medical clinics, announced today that Imperial Health’s Center for Orthopaedics (CFO), one of the largest orthopedic clinics in Louisiana, signed a 10-year agreement after Beta testing the software. The physician-designed system is enabling the clinic to streamline front-office and back-office workflows, resulting in lower costs, happier employees, and more effective patient  care.

Better Day™ Health represents the next wave of post-electronic health record (EHR) era applications with a focus on automating EHR data capture and significantly compressing the amount of time it takes physicians to complete the documentation and billing processes for their  patients.

“We chose to switch to Better Day™ from a leading EHR vendor to help us better manage workflow and reduce the ever-increasing burden of medical record documentation,” said John Noble, Jr, MD, with Center for Orthopaedics. “Not only were we impressed by the ease-of-use of the Better Day™ platform, but we are also confident that it will improve the productivity of team members and deliver measurable improvements by reducing overtime pay and improving patient and staff  satisfaction.”

“Due to clinical documentation demands, which increased with the Affordable Care Act, doctors have become the world’s most expensive clerical workers, as they devote more and more of their valuable time to filling out patient records and compiling medical histories,” said Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, CEO and co-founder of Better Day™. “Our goal is to help doctors see more patients, in less time, without getting bogged down in data entry and  paperwork.”

CFO recently presented the practice impact results at the 2016 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference at the Nuance Healthcare booth in Las Vegas. They highlighted the reduction in time and cost on EHR documentation and Better Day™ Health’s impact on improving bottom-line  revenue.

In addition to software that met their needs, CFO also needed the company they chose to be more than a supplier of software. They needed a technology partner that could consolidate 18 different IT systems into one  system.

“We required a partner committed to providing a results-driven clinical operating system to meet our group’s evolving needs,” said Dr. Noble. “As impressive as the functionality of the Better Day™ platform is, we were also pleased with the responsiveness we received during training and roll-out. We are convinced Better Day™ is the right partner to help us gain the productivity and speed essential to meet the requirements of the new data-driven reimbursement  models.”

“At Better Day™ Health, we are reinventing the relationship between healthcare providers and software with structured data, analytics, communications, connectivity, patient engagement, payments, and workflow optimization all in one unified system,” said Dr. Ragusa. “Partnering with the Center for Orthopaedics will help us continue to realize our vision to provide modern, easy-to-use software designed by physicians and other healthcare professionals that dramatically reduces screen time while putting patient care  first.”

About Better Day™  Health

Better Day™ Health provides innovative solutions that automate the clinical documentation experience in the exam room and reduce the cost and lost time by physicians associated with inputting data into electronic health record and billing systems. Better Day™ Health is headquartered at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. For more information, go to, or call  504.710.8564.

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