In Metro Detroit, a Family Needs Help in Taking Care of Daughter with Severe Cerebral Palsy

In a page entitled “Ride with Mariah” we learn about a beautiful young lady born with severe cerebral palsy. In every picture you see of the young lady (the one on the GoFundMe page captures her perfectly), you see a person who glows with enthusiasm and is clearly loved by everyone who knows her.

van 2

According to the GoFundMe page:

“Mariah was born at 28 weeks and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She weighed a mere 2 lbs. 10 oz. at birth. Mariah was in the NICU for 3 months until she was finally able to go home with her family.

“Surgery after surgery, pain, shots, physical therapy, casts…the procedures are endless but never changed Mariah’s spirit.  She’s loves her family, loves all the beautiful things in life — sparkles and butterflies, anticipates the next episode of The Bachelor, and roots for her favorite football teams.

“Recently, Mariah graduated from school, she has aged out of that program and her family is currently looking for another program to keep her active. As Mariah’s primary caretaker many sacrifices have been made by her mother, and of course there was never a question, Mariah comes first. The current van she has is not wheelchair accessible. This means Mariah has to be picked up out of her chair and into the car seat , then out of the car into her wheelchair by her mother. Not only is this dangerous for both of them, it is also very difficult during rain and snow, and has been very bad for Michelle’s back (Mariah’s mother). Mariah is an adult, can you imagine having to pick your adult child up multiple times a day?

“The renovations to the existing minivan will cost $16,800.  A portion of these costs will be covered by Medicaid and a local nonprofit MORC. As a caregiver fulltime and having an adult child with special needs, money is budgeted very tightly to make ends meet.  And thousands of dollars is just not available at any time.

“This is just the first step in improving the quality of life Mariah will have as an adult. This will be the means to get her to new organizations so she can interact and build relationship with other people.  This will allow her mothers back to rest and stay healthy in order to continue to take care of Mariah.”

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Kevin Price, Editor in Chief of US Daily Review, brought this story to our attention. He told USDR, “I’ve known Michelle and her family for years and was delighted to bring this need to the attention of our readers. I have seen the family’s devotion to this young lady and they are providing a great opportunity to make a profound difference in the life of someone who is very worthy, through this GoFundMe campaign.”

Michelle Loughry-Koory and her husband, Eugene Koory and their daughter live in Hazel Park, which is in the Metro Detroit area. Mariah is 26 years old and is clearly excited about the next chapter in her life.

According to its website, “MORC, Inc. is a human services organization that coordinates long-term supports for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and the elderly in Southeast Michigan.  We  coordinate primarily Medicaid funded services that give support in all areas of life including living arrangements, daily life skills, education, employment and community integration.  The goal of our services is to empower people to maximize their potential.  MORC serves over 6,000 individuals a year throughout our network.”

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